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2NL 6max

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  • 2NL 6max

    This happens to me all of the time. Slowly grind up stack then lose all gains in these situations. Should I be less aggressive on flop?
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    In a 3-way pot, gotta lead bet 2/3 pot on the flop.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      There are some points:
      1. You are not playing full stacked - these cuts away profit in situations were you play for stacks (it is not bad though if you are on a small BR, but being a shorty you should really take a more TAG line, very ++ aggro with made hands or premium hands pre)
      2. AK is to quote something I read somewhere : "just a big drawing hand" and at 2nl, if given opportunity I am happy to take my chances and shove preflop, so in this situation I would cross fingers and 4bet shove).
      3. Flop : what John said.

      Bogdan (shoim)


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        Thanks for input.

        My thinking was if I bet flop I'd likely only get folds, so was taking a check/raise line. If I had bet, the villain surely would have at least called with his 2-3 outer, since he called my allin re-raise! So, can't see how betting on flop would have had a different result given my stack size?


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          When a board has draws available, I need to bet enough to price out the draws and make a play where they expect to lose chips. Checking is +EV for them, so they will GAIN chips from me each and every time on average that I check here.

          The only time that I want to slowplay something is if there is not a single card in the deck that can beat me. If I give the opp the correct odds, then it's my own fault that I lose the hand.

          John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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            I think slowplaying is alright here if I didn't slowplay many hands before.

            After the flop: There is no flush draw and with the bets before flop there is probably no straight draw. After flop your opponent most likely has the second best hand with very little chance of improvement (around 1 out of 20 times with JJ).. unless he has 33 but you have to take that chance. The way I see it, you got him where you wanted but Jack in the turn was very unlucky.

            *Unexperienced player


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              Agree with what has been said. Observation on the click back 3bet and and over call. I see a bigger bet from QQ+ though the position player could call for value.

              Being a bit short stacked a 4bet commits us basically or just shove it. Got my aggressive hat on pre flop here.

              PS. Again I didn't look at the show down. The button had JJ. I was only looking at pre flop.
              Last edited by ForrestFive; Thu Sep 11, 2014, 06:48 AM. Reason: not seeing showdown


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                Don't agree (fully) with what has been said.
                I like the preflop call (althought a shove would be fine too with your stack) and I like your check on the flop as you are not the preflop agressor.
                After the cbet and the call from BTN, there is just one right thing to do and that is shove!
                Betting smaller with the stack you have behind is wrong as you are potcommited anyway.

                I'd say: well played.
                Sick cooler on the turn.

                Tip: start playing with a full stack.



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