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3 betting range in BB and SB

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  • 3 betting range in BB and SB

    I'm struggling a bit with 3 betting from the blinds.
    What range of hands should i be 3betting in BB vs button and BB vs SB? 6max opponent VP:30-40
    Also if the opponent calls a lot post flop and i miss the board is it better to just check it?
    Any help would be much appreciated

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    Well, more than just checking it what boards should i barrel on since my opponent often puts me on hands like AK


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      I've always struggled with playing in the blinds. I found this video helpful though, you might too. Playing the Blinds Raiser umbup:


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        Thank Raiser


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          If your opponent calls a lot, stick with value-hands, i.e. your big pairs and AQ+, for your 3-bets. If he opens wide, but folds a decent a proportion of the time, you can mix in some light 3-bets with middle-pairs (99-77) and suited aces A5-A2s.
          Playing post-flop OOP in 3-bet pots is tricky, so you need hands that flop pretty well, like AJs, KQs or better. You should also tend to c-bet the flop slightly more often in 3-bet pots when the flop contains high cards, as these hit your perceived range better than villain's. Since villains frequently call 3bets in position with hands like 88 or KJs, you often need to barrel them off. If you're not comfortable playing bloated pots OOP, however, there's no law that says you have to 3-bet AK/AQ etc. You can keep the pot smaller if you want. Ultimately though, if you want to move up stakes, you'll need to get comfortable playing 3-bet pots. Just try to treat them like normal single-raised pots, but remember that both you and villain will start with slightly stronger ranges, so making a pair with a lousy kicker isn't really something you want to get stacks in with.
          Bracelet Winner


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            Thanks Arty for the really detailed reply. It has cleared things up a lot and I will try it out!


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              In a spot where you're aiming to 3 bet a polarized range, turning 77-99 into a bluff is a mistake imo. You'd be much better served flatting those hands since you can definitely get to showdown on some runouts. If you plan to include some PPs as part of that range I would much prefer to include 22-66, AXs, some KXs, and some suited connectors such as 68s, that are not strong enough to call, but have the potential to flop strong draws and set up some good barreling spots.

              Take note of what villains are flatting 3Bs with IP, if a villain has a very low F3B you should consider widening your value range. 3 betting a hand like KQs may well become profitable vs a villain who is capable of flatting you with hands you dominate (QT, KJ, KTs etc). The crux of it all is it's inherently villain dependent, if you're running a hud (I assume most are) make sure you check the appropriate stats before 3B'ing. Think before you 3B "Am I 3B'ing for value here or as a bluff?", "What hands do i expect my opponent to continue with", "How frequently do i expect to elicit a fold", "What flops are good for my perceived range?" and similar. Don't just 3B hands because you've seen people 3B them in a video or wherever, have a clear reason for doing so - since the reasons they 3B the hand may very well not apply to your specific situation.

              I realise some of this was covered by arty but just wanted to add a little, especially vis a vis the 77-99 which I would be much more inclined to 3B for pure value (at least 88, 99) than as part of a polarised 3Bing range, if I was going to 3B them at all. Gl!


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                Thanks a lot AceKingBlows, any additional information is extremely useful.
                I've had a lot of success 3 betting in zoom where people are just trying to steal the blinds or where they just prefer to find easier spots.
                In the regular tables its a bit tougher since there are times when a number of limpers decide to come along but I think it has certainly improved my game even if sometimes it goes wrong.
                Again thank you for taking the time to help me out!



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