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2nl cash table, Set of 2's vs. Nitty player

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  • 2nl cash table, Set of 2's vs. Nitty player

    Villain - ~70 hands - 8/5/1.0 Is it worth making the call on the end here? Is villain going to show up with a worse hand ever? I'm quite surprised that villain played that hand because the read was that he had been playing like a rock. I thought he was most likely repping an overpair or perhaps a broadway combo like AJ/QJ. And, if he was chasing the flush draw I priced him off it, right? Should I have raised more because of the potential for a flush and straight draw being on the board?

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    You didn't gave him odds to call with a flushdraw, but he also had middle pair on a flop that doesn't hit your range very well. I deff understand his play, and I think he played the hand very good (and got there OTR).

    You did play the hand OTF and OTT pretty good as well, but OTR with both draws completing and a rock who has donkbetting you 3 times, I would be very hesitant to call OTR. You showed massive power and still he bet river while the board is as scary as it can be.

    "Is villain going to show up with a worse hand ever?" the answer is simple: NO!


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      I'm really surprised he showed up with a flush as well after you played the turn aggressively, i thought he would have a higher set.
      I'm going with he thought you would raise the river as well which would give him the implied odds to continue.

      Not sure what the right play was, nice hand though.
      I'll be waiting for the answer as well!


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        Villain took a very strange line here. His call pre-flop is fine/standard. In the BB getting a bargain price, you can't go round folding suited aces heads up. His flop donkbet is usually a pair or draw (or in this case both!) and I like that you raised it up. When he calls, his range remains the same. The re-donk on the turn just kills me. It's rare to see a good player take that line, but it does make some sense with villain's actual hand. He should realise that he's not often ahead because you raised the flop, so I think his tiny bet is an attempt to set his own price for drawing to the nuts. It's great that you raised it up again.

        On the river, you're beaten by the flush, but I'm literally never folding a set at that price. Those pot odds are too good, and it's perfectly plausible that villain has something like J9 or QJ. It's also true that he could have JJ or 99, and you're over-setted.
        Often a villain will bet small on a flushy river precisely because he's scared you have one. Unfortunately, you can't raise for value once more, because he won't call with worse, but I think calling such a small river bet is mandatory. I'd be more inclined to fold if he'd made it 75c or more.

        FWIW, I doubt this "tight" villain is a winning player. His bet sizes are so small that on the rare occasions he makes a hand, he's not extracting enough value to make up for the folding he does the rest of the time.

        In short, you played the hand perfectly imo, and villain did not.
        Bracelet Winner


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          Tough one, I think you played that hand correctly. I'd never fold that hand on the river. May I ask what 8/5/1.0 is?


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            Originally posted by Ghuzulty View Post
            Tough one, I think you played that hand correctly. I'd never fold that hand on the river. May I ask what 8/5/1.0 is?
            8/5/1.0 stand for statistic information coming from a HUD.

            Usually if 3 numbers are given, these are what they mean:
            the 8 stands for "%VPIP" : the amount of hands a person plays voluntarily, 8% is really low
            the 5 is for %Preflop raise : how often does the person enters a pot by raising. 5% is really low.
            the 1 is for postflop aggression. how aggressive is the person. "1" means passive

            So this guy (usually) plays only very good hands, and when he plays, he is passive and likes to call in stead of raise.

            If you wanna know more, just search. massive amount of info e.g.


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              Aha, thanks for the info and the link.


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                Cheers for the responses guys.

                It's good to hear that I played it well, Arty. I've been reading through your 2NL articles and trying to put it all in to practice. Evidently something must be soaking in



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