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New player messes up hand with a fatal error :(---2nl FR cash game

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  • New player messes up hand with a fatal error :(---2nl FR cash game

    I was in big blind position and had a pretty bad hand of Ace and an eight (non-suited) and thought I'd check to see if any think hit on the flop, I had a pair of aces and thought I'd continue (everyone was checking anyway). I got to showdown without investing too much and thought I had the winning full house as my pair was aces but now I think I realise that a full house kicker is determined by the other card in your hand which was an "eight" in my case but was unfortunately a pair of nines to my opponent which would give him/her the winning kicker of "nine" > "eight". This being the case, it burned slightly that I lost my full $2 bankroll on one hand because of my mistake of how the full house hand worked and it was a stupid error on my part. It was painful to see but a mistake that taught me a valuable lesson I won't be forgetting any time soon... I think it will be an interesting hand to have a look at just to see how a beginning player experiences the game, hope you enjoy. (At the very least it is money I haven't invested myself). Vesien. EDIT: Just realised that he had three nines which was the full house actually- I've posted it now so might as well take a look to see what you think though, thanks.

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    The fatal error in this case is calling the raise on the flop when you should have folded. Against an unknown, I would assume that he either has a set here 99 or 33 or 2 pair such as A3 or A9. You could even put him on a better Ax hand such as AT, because lose passive villains will limp (call) with these hands. I say this because he plays passive preflop, and then starts playing aggressive on the flop indicating strength.

    If I was villain, I would at the very least slow play a street (call your bet) since the board is so dry.

    I hope this gives some different insight.

    Oh, and also, a full house won't have a kicker card, since a poker hand is five cards, and a full house is a five card hand, no extra cards will help. The hand for you 333AA, and for villain is 99933, since 333 is lower rank than 999, your opponent wins the hand.




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      Thanks for your input...

      Very true on the fold pre-flop,

      I don't know what I was doing as in my head I said to myself "Check just to see what hits on the flop, if it's not good enough - fold"

      I knew ace, eight non-suited was a bad hand in the first place and one you wouldn't take when playing tight and for whatever reason even after the re-raise after bet 4BB I still went in with it...

      The mistake with the full house isn't even a consideration here, I just went in blindly without even considering what I could be up against as the passive loose villain threw me off when he checked then I bet to try and pick up the pot and then he raised me.

      Silly plays which I know I wouldn't normally do so things I've learned is; when making a plan in my head be disciplined to follow though otherwise I'm heading for a mistake, always stick to tight hand evaluation pre-flop and know when to fold.




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        Check the flop. You made a pair, but it's a pair with a bad kicker. It's really hard for worse hands to give you any action. If you check, then you can induce worse hands to put money in the pot, often on later streets. Or in this case, you could check-call and lose the minimum against a better hand. When you bet and get raised, it should be clear you are behind and have very few outs. When you get raised on an A93 rainbow flop, a villain is almost never bluffing. He can beat top pair, so you should fold.
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          Ahh, don't be so hard on yourself man. I would be lying if I said I had never lost in a similar spot in the past (like two days ago).

          When I was watching the hand I thought it was going to be a tie on the river with the villain having a hand like AT or A9, but no such luck I guess, lol.


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            Preflop, I would often squeeze if there are 3 limpers in the pot. Making a big bet of about 16 to 18 cent or even bigger.
            A8o is a bad hand and is often dominated if you hit on the flop so there is no point to "just check to see a flop". Most flops will often give you more trouble than fun.

            If my squeeze is called, I will cbet the flop and deffo fold to a raise.
            If my squeeze is raised, easy fold.



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