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Playing KQ, KJ or JQ in EP and MP

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  • Playing KQ, KJ or JQ in EP and MP

    Guys I have faced a lot of difficulty in playing mediocare hands like KQ, KJ, QJ in middle position and early position.

    Please explain me the following cases:

    1) If I am in UTG
    2) I am after (UTG +2) and 1 player called ()
    3) I am after (UTG +2) and 1 player raised
    4) I am 2 positions before the Button (No callers)
    5) I am 2 positions before the Button (1 caller)
    6) I am 2 positions before the Button (1 caller, 1 raiser)
    7) on the Button - No callers
    8) on the Button - 1 caller
    9) On the Button - 1 caller , 1 raiser

    Thanks in advance. And I really hope that u guys can help me out

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    We would need the following information to be able to give you the correct answer

    Your chip stack, amount of bb, are antes in play
    Your image at the table
    The chip stack of the other players in the hand
    Is it cash, sng or mtt?
    If its an mtt at what stage is it, early, mid, bubble, ft bubble or on the ft
    Whats the image of the players that are acting after you
    How often has the big blind player defended
    Whats the image of the players that have already placed chips in the pot, how often will they 3-4 bet or fold to a bet

    Eg, if you are on the button with KJ off and it folds to you....

    You have 123bb and you are on the bubble of a $22mtt antes are in play, small blind has a very low vpip, only 12bb and seems tight (over a 100hand sample). the big blind is sitting out and has 73bb, your image is pretty middle of the road, not betting to much, you are steady eddy and have not done any crazy plays


    Or, if you have KJ off on the button and it folds to you....

    You have 15bb and an active image, you are 4/6 in a 9player sng, there is 1 big chip leader and the other 5 players all have about the same stack. The other short stacks are already playing push fold poker. You have a very active player in the small blind and the chip leader in the big blind. You have been stealing the blinds for the last few rounds and showed a bluff 6hands ago


    Or, you are on the button with KJ off and it folds to you.

    You are playing $1/2 cash game and everyone is deep stacked. You have $378 and a tight image, you have won all your show downs for the last hour but you have a low vpip (your a nit). The small blind is playing everyhand and likes betting and bluffing he has $269, the big blind has an average vpip but likes to defend, you have noticed he will call you down with weaker hands and has called down with A high for a large pot, he has $486

    In all of the above cases the action before you is the same but as you can see each one should be played in a different manner.


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      Just so you know

      First one I would bet 12bb and force the small blind to call for his life, I feel he would fold most of his range and try to limp in to the money. If he calls then some of his range will be 77-1010 and will be flipping. after the bubble it will be different.

      Second one I would play nitty and fold, may as well let the active sb try and steal from the chip leader.
      With 15bb you still have a few rounds to find a good hand/spot and other players may bust each other in the mean time.

      Third one I would limp, let the small blind bet and the big blind defend and then I call the bet, im happy to play with out the betting lead when im on the button vs a bluffer and a hero. I would play fit or fold, if I hit a pair im calling it down to show down if the sb bets, if the sb stops betting I would take over the betting to make money out of the weaker bib blind player

      Please note this is just imho and I am not a poker pro


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        Early position at a full table, these are easy folds.

        From mid, it depends on the table dynamics. I may open them, I may fold them but I won't call a raise with them.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Open KQ 3-off the button, KJ/QJ 2-off the button. Don't call raises with them.
          Bracelet Winner


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            I agree with John and Arty for the most part, there are times I will 3 bet with them defending my button or blinds vs a late pos. steal attempt. I have to have reads for this though and I am pretty comfortable playing post flop. Other than that I think they said it all.
            Tournament of Champions Winner 2014

            4 Time Bracelet Winner


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              KQ, KJ, QJ is vague. KQs is way better than KQo, for full ring open raise is worse than 22+ (allin in a vacuum vs any pocket pair is 45% to 55%, any pocket pair starts with an advantage)
              it depends on the table dynamics
              ^^ this is the second important thing, position is first, and third is the card.
              I recommend a google search for 'standard OR for full ring' and go from there.

              Regards, Shoim
              Last edited by shoim; Wed Nov 05, 2014, 10:30 PM.


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                Shortly, at 6max raise from any potition if you are first to act and raise again if you have some limpers, you can 3bet from time to time against someone who plays a lot of hands and raises with them. If someone 3bets you and you are suited you could see a flop especially if you are in position and someone else has called that 3bet, most of he time it depends on the image of the opponent. If you are out of position you can easily fold At full ring you can fold thos hands from early positions, from late position play like you would at 6max but becareful not to overplay with top pairs, especially if someone raises you on the turn. Many will disagree with my advices but there is a reason for all these and they are part of a LAG style that is not easy to play, so if you can't read players and situations, then better stick to a TAG style. umbup:



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