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QTs bb-10nl FR cash Game

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  • QTs bb-10nl FR cash Game

    Im not sure if i like this vs an unknown i think post flop is standard but seen as i didn't no how wide he was pre i think i should be folding pre. Do we think villain will bet the river with 2 pair trips and straights as well? I don't really think he should be trying to get value with those hands seen as im not going to get to the river with worse so all i beat is a few low flushes and i don't see what he can really bluff the river with.

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    Pre is good.

    Flop is good.

    Turn is good.

    River is good.


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      Hi Mike,

      If you're not value betting QQ+ in villains shoes vs. randoms at 10NL you're losing a lot of value imo. Don't over think it... fish will call with all sorts of garbage because they put you on AK. Fish also sometimes make random silly calls and bluffs. And the random 10NL player is probably not very skilled.

      IOW, I think he can be betting a number of worse hands than your Q high flush, expecting to sometimes get called by worse or as a bluff thinking you may fold 88 finally to a 2nd overcard.

      You got 4x goods from birdayy, I can't argue with that.

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        Hey Mike - have found myself in a LOT of *spots* up at 25nl, holding medium-to-strong hands (2pr or better) on 3-flush, 3-straight, paired boards, oftentimes with the 3-straight and paired cards being Broadway cards. Pretty tricky spots, and so often the pots have wound up fairly large by the river too it seems?

        There have been a fair amount of river spots where I've wound up calling with worse

        I see your concern about the villain possibly not betting worse by the river (maybe like, 89h?) - on the other hand, hard to fold a Q-high flush on the river to an unknown though, for the reasons Dave mentions.

        Guess I mostly just wanted to add that yeah, am finding these spots to be tricky as well - really tough spot there ...


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          Hey Sam, yh i wasn't sure what he was betting on the river because i cant see me ever calling with worse than a flush with the way the board ran out, like i cant see any bluffs unless he continued to barrel two diamonds or something and just kept trying to move me off marginal hands with the overs coming and the flush completing.

          Plus i wasn't so sure because you can normally tell when someone flopped something big that hasn't improved because they just snap bet 3 streets big and this guy went and thought about his bets on flop and turn for a few secs and insta bet river which made me question if im beat or not.


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            Such a sick spot ... and unfortunately they seem to come up so often too, ugghhh ....

            Have been working really hard on these types of spots the last couple of years, and seem to have made quite a bit of progress, but they still pose such a challenge. Especially in spots like these, where the river improved both your hands - sometimes that seems to make the villain's line more confusing? And the villain didn't go and pot it like most casuals do when they hit the jackpot on the river ... that usually makes it easier to know they've got the nuts lol

            The other spots I've been finding tricky are when villains flop something like top pair, then turn a combo draw ... and then backdoor the turned draw - sometimes those seem to be harder to detect as well?

            Am still trying to figure it all out myself I guess ... and your folding's always been in a better spot than mine, so probably you'll figure this stuff out before me. When the shoe's been on the other foot though and I've rivered a better hand, there are still regs at 25nl calling with flushes, so like ... either maybe a river calling small river bets isn't so bad ... or maybe there's lots of us that are still trying to figure out the best thing to do in spots like these

            Such a tough spot!


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              I really don't see how this is a tough spot.



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