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4nl cash tables, bottom set TT InPosition on QJTo vs pot bet and reraise 3x

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  • 4nl cash tables, bottom set TT InPosition on QJTo vs pot bet and reraise 3x

    Hi guys, I'm a beginer struggling at 2NL pokerstar and 4NL party poker, Hold'em Cash, 9 Players
    this hand from party poker so I dont have hand replayer, can someone help me?

    SB: $1.99 (~50 bb)
    BB: $4 (100 bb)
    UTG+1: $4 (100 bb)
    UTG+2: $5(125 bb)
    MP1: $4 (100 bb)
    MP2: $4.8 (120 bb)
    MP3: $6 (150 bb)
    Hero: $4 (100 bb)
    BTN: $1(25 bb)

    Preflop: Hero is CO with TT
    5 folds, Hero raises to $0.12, BT fold, SB calls $0.1, BB calls $0.08
    SB(VPIP 36, PFR 9, AF 1, 11 hands), BB(VPIP 10, PFR 9, AF 0.67, 146 hands)
    -Flop$0.36) TJQo (3 players)
    SB bet Pot size $0.35, BB reRaise 3x $0.94, hero calls, SB calls
    -Turn$3.15) TJQ4o
    SB checks, BB bet $2, hero ???

    please tell me did my flop play is right or should I 3bet?
    on Turn with a Nit like BB bet big, I think maybe he has straight like 89s or AK, but he might 3bet preFlop with AK so maybe not AK, how about 89s should he call pre flop 3ways, maybe... or he can has QT, QJ and so he has 2 pairs, maybe not AA,KK,QQ,JJ cause he should 3bet preflop with that range ( I forgot to check his preflop 3bet HUD), what shoud I play here, should I fold bottom Set vs NIT big bet here ?

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    The potsize donkbet from SB looks kinda weak to me (toppair, overpair, draw...) and SB is a shortstack so looks weak from the beginning, so I could think BB picks this up as well and raises with a 2pair like QJ or TJ or a combodraw like QK, and ofc with (nut-) straights. K9 is probable not in BB's range, but people do call much wider in the BB so I would include 89 for sure.

    But seeing the really low AF and the fact he is really nitty, I do think we should give him pretty much credit for his raise. Folding (bottom) set is never easy but this might be a good spot to consider it.

    Between all options, fold, call and raise, calling is probable the worst. There is just 1 card that really helps you and thats the highly unlikely 4th T. If you boat up, they might have a bigger boat. Any k,a,9,8 and you are surely behind. Any other card is a blank and they will keep firing and we have yet another tough decision.

    So I would eighter fold and find a better spot, or 3bet to $2 - $2.25 and be ready to call a shove. you are only massively behind against QQ and JJ. Both hands would probably have 3bet pre. So eighter you are up against a straight as 1:3 dog, or slightly in favor (55%) against 2pair/strdraws hands.

    As played, I would fold turn (with pain in my heart)


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      thanks so much for your advice! I almost fold the turn, but suddenly I think maybe he has QJ or QT so I go Nut and lost by JJ of him, but It's a good experience vs a NIT, after that session I check his Preflop 3bet Stat and it's 0, what a NIT @@!!!



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