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5nl FR Cash Table, How much for river bet?

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  • 5nl FR Cash Table, How much for river bet?

    I know that this will vary depending on player and what they have and even what they think I have. How much would you throw for a value bet on the river here? Frankly I am surprised I was be at on the turn and not sure any amount I bet on river would have been called. But I know need to at least bet the river here.

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    Firstly, I would have 3-bet 3x the raise pre-flop. This get's the pot off to an even better start.

    Checking the flop is ok, it gives him chance to catch up if he hasn't spiked the K. Your Aces have the whole board tied up but it is possible that he has the King because of the pre-flop raise and call to your 3-bet. He could be holding another high pair though and letting him see another card gives him chance to hit that also.

    When he puts the bet in on the turn I would have re-raised, again perhaps 3x/4x, to see if I could get some action and induce a jam at that point because if he hasn't got the King and doesn't bet now he's surely unlikely to be betting/calling the river.



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      I agree with AJ. I'm re-raising preflop and I'm raising the turn bet.

      On a river when I have a monster like this, I want to size my bet at whatever I think the opp will call (normally between 1/3 and 1/2 pot), but if the opp is stationy, I have no problem betting much, much more. The key is that I want paid for my big hand. Even if it's smaller, I WANT PAID!

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        I definitely agree with and see the point of re-raising the turn. I normally would have re-raised more preflop, but this table was very quick to fold to 3x re-raises preflop and as John put it, I want to get paid.

        Thank you to the both of you though for your insight



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