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Bankroll builder - lucky with trips

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  • Bankroll builder - lucky with trips

    Originally posted this hand as part of my Bankroll builder thread but would be interested in any feedback Guess I got lucky with this hand that I think I should have folded pre-flop (I didn't have chance to work out odds but with so many limpers 6c to call seemed like good value) In retrospect I probably should have bet on the river but the 8h got me worried that villain_2 might have a straight Was it correct to just call pre-flop with so many limpers? Was I lucky that there were no raisers post flop? Should I have discounted that villain_2 might have a straight on the river? Thanks

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    65s is a very good hand to play in a multiway pot so by all means, call! Squeezing is deffo also a possibility as you will be IP in the hand and so many have flatcalled. Most of they will be very weak and fold to your squeeze. The only one you will need to worry about is UTG. If he 4bets you, get out.

    OTF I don't mind checking. you did hit the flop but with so many players in the pot, you prob don't have the best hand so seeing a free turn is never a bad thing.

    OTT well played, sizing is perfect imo. You will get value from a lot of hands like Ax, flushdraws, str8draws and the mighty 7-2 ofcourse.

    OTR, i would have shoved for value. Sure he could have a str or a boat or a better 5, but smt like Ax or busted flushdraw is more likely. Wouldn't he raise a boat or a better 5 on the turn? I think so, so we can pretty much exclude those, imo.
    You could bet small like 60cents but you are potcommited anyway and should not fold to a raise, so i would shove. Remember, shoving is not even a potsize bet...
    Checking behind is "seeing monsters under the bed" imo. Look what he plays!


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      Thanks for the great feedback. I think my brain was telling me to shove OTR but my heart was beating and saying take the money



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