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Zoom vs Reg Speed 6-max

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  • Zoom vs Reg Speed 6-max

    Hi guys, after taking a break from poker i have decided to venture into the world of 6 max cash games. The biggest question i have to answer for myself is do i play zoom or do i play reg speed. I was hoping some of you guys would be able to offer me some advice as to what you think the differences are between zoom/reg game play to help me decide on which route to take. I have a HUD and have played FR cash games at 2nl before but much prefer 6 max strategy.

    At the moment i'm leaning towards zoom simply because of the crazy hands/hour that can be obtained as opposed to table mining the fish!

    Thanks for any advice.

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    That depends on what stakes you're playing, and what your goals and personal preferences are. In the lower limits (<25nl) it's kinda easy to grind zoom (unless you're me, I'm horrible at it) by just playing a strong range in position, setmining, playing speculative hands when you have the odds etc. If you're good at gathering information and taking notes and exploitive plays, regular tables are likely better. I for one just can't win at zoom for some reason, but I wouldn't know without trying for a decent sample. Give zoom a shot, both have their advantages and disadvantages!



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      I agree with Feskprins. I would add one point though. I feel regular tables make for a better learning environment. If you are confident that you can beat 2NL then Zoom will presumably let you build your roll quicker. If you are not beating 2NL then I'd play regular tables. Use the extra time to build reads and improve your game. There are a ton of videos (see Dave and Felix) plus a ton of forum posts with players switching from FR to 6-Max (see ArtySmokesPS or my own challenge thread) GLumbup: Roland GTX


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        I play almost exclusively 6-max cash on the regular tables. I tried Zoom for approx 3K hands but didn't like the loss of table dynamic, building up some notes about my opponents play-styles etc.

        As the other guys have mentioned Zoom definitely feels a lot tighter, closer to my experiences with FR than with regular 6-max.

        Always worth giving both a try however, horses for courses and all that.


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          i played about 150K zoom hands and im now playing regular tables instead.even with a HUD on zoom and the odd notes you can get on players,it is still really hard to get any sort of solid read on the players compared to regular tables and so it can be pretty hard to exploit players.
          like you can play zoom for a month and only have say 300 hands on a player and because you have only seen him them 300 times out of possibly thousands of hands that he has actually played,the stats aren't that reliable.
          on a normal table you can get 300 hands in one session on a player and see countless showdowns and take good notes.

          if you want to become a better play regular tables,what you will learn will totally outweigh the crazy amount of hands you can play at zoom.the varience at zoom can be extremely hardcore too,not what you want if you want to learn more and play better


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            Yeah I tried 6 max zoom for the first time last week, had built my BR upto $72 from an initial investment of $16, in 2 days on the zoom tables it was back down to $52 dollars so stopped playing zoom.

            BR back to $67 dollars playing tournements and normal tables but guess I am just not experienced enough to do well on the zoom tables.


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              I think the biggest difference between zoom and reg tables is that they play a lot tighter in zoom. I would tend to steal more in the zoom format from late pos. but get away if you get played back at and don't have a strong hand. Both feskprins and roland answered everything else. I would just decide which I liked better and play that.
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