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2NL Zoom, AQo

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  • 2NL Zoom, AQo

    No reads on villain.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I cbet flop to discourage direct odds and bet 80% on turn for same reason. With top 2 pair on river figured I had to bet vs. potential flush, as villain likely would bet AT, A6, A2 or busted straight draw and I was pot committed. Comments please.

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    In this hand I think that pre-flop, flop, and turn are all basically standard. I don't know about opening AQo from UTG in full ring or not as I don't really play any full ring cash right now. One thing is that I don't think you need to bet that much on the turn to give the wrong odds to someone drawing with only one more card to come. When you are betting the size you used I think it looks like you want to play for stacks, which someone might think gives them more implied odds to draw also. There can be debate on whether or not to go for three streets of value with just a top pair/good kicker type hand, but ... meh. Where the hand goes sideways is on the river.

    Originally posted by KootB View Post
    With top 2 pair on river figured I had to bet vs. potential flush, as villain likely would bet AT, A6, A2 or busted straight draw and I was pot committed.

    I think that what you mean when you say this is that you don't want to check it on the river because you think that the villain will bet with a flush, but also with potential hands that you are beating, and then you wont know which type of hand he has so you wont know if you should call or not. In the same sentence, though, you say that you feel like you are pot committed so if that is how you feel then you already know your decision on whether you are going to call or not . (as an aside, I don't think you should feel pot committed) The problem with shoving this river is that it makes it very difficult to get any further action from any hands that the villain might have that you are beating, but you will get called by stuff that is beating you.

    I wonder if there really can be any hands that the villain could have on this river that we are beating. I suppose it's possible theoretically that they could have some one or two pair hands. Would he really get to the river on this really draw heavy board with those hands while just check/calling, and never raising? Maybe I guess. We don't have any reads on the villain so we don't know how passive or call stationy they are, but usually someone with those hands would raise with the two pair hands, and maybe fold the one pair hands unless it was AK that they didn't 3bet with pre or they just thought you were totally bluffing for some reason.

    So, all of that being said, my thought is that to check the river would be a better idea. You have to make the decision on whether or not to call when the villain bets. We "improved" our hand on the river, but did we really?



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      I think personally I'd check the river and call a reasonable sized bet like say half a pot and fold to something bigger. Players don't bluff that much at 2NL and if he bets big then is very likely he has a big hand. In any case I'd add a note on that player for next time.


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        what mute07 says... (and maybe tyirl, but thats too long a read)


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          Pro-tip: Don't get pot-committed with one pair.
          Check the turn. If villain checks back, you don't lose your stack and can either bet-fold or check-call the river. If he bets the turn, you can call and then probably check-fold this river.
          It's kind of important to learn how to play top pair hands. This is a gross simplification, but you generally shouldn't be firing all three streets with anything less than TPTK. By checking at least one street, you get to lose the minimum when obvious draws come in, but you win a decent pot when the draws miss. Unless you make a monster (2pr+) with Broadway hands (AQ/AJ/KQ/KJ/QT etc) just try and play a small pot.
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