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Struggling in cashgames.

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  • Struggling in cashgames.

    Hello, i'm new to Poker. Been playing 2-3 weeks now. I first started of playing alot of sit and go, then moved into the real money sit and go, low buyin's, 0,25$ to 1$. My tournaments have gone fine by my point of view, but when it comes to the cash games i'm struggling. I've got days where i'm bored of waiting for a correct hand to play, i feel like i've got an aura around me screaming aces or kings when i've got it because i feel they all fold preflop before i've even touched the bet button. I also tend to lose flushes to a full house at the river. My trouble at these tables are that i get bored and choose to maybe play a couple of suited connectors to the river without getting paid of, and i'm starting to bluff to get them of the pot which obviousley works against me when they've got an actual hand. Haven't got any fancy statistic curves to show, just my experience from the 0,2/0,5 tables. I've soon lost my deposit and i want to know if anyone has been in the same situation. What can i do to improve, which videos do i look for, and what exercises or analysing can i do? what plan should i have when i come to a table?

    - Any help appreciated, thanks edit: any book(s) that you've read with sucessfully applying it to
    the game after that's meant for beginners or players advancing from a beginning level ?
    ~ Cigarlove91
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    Not sure if your playing 6 max or full ring but 6 max may be better for you. Just because you get to loosen up slightly as there are less opponents and so its a bit more entertaining in my experience anyway. I would recommend the videos done on youtube by Felix Schneiders (xflixx), specifically the grinding it up challenge he has done (100+ videos, most of the ones past 24 are live games where you can watch him play and he explains his thought process). I would advise you to play a little bit tighter then he does as you can get into some tricky positions when your out of position. He finds it profitable as his post flop game is awesome but I'm pretty sure I would lose a lot of my bankroll!
    As for flushes vs full house it happens. Maybe be slightly more careful when the board pairs up.
    Zoom may also be your game since you get moved to a different table when you fold. Therefore you are unlikely to play crappy hands.
    Hope this helped
    Good luck!


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      Hi Cigarlove91, Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline! Here is a link to help familiarize you with all the features and services available at PSO. Feel free to look around the forum and post any of your comments or questions. You are invited to join the PokerSchoolOnline Community Home Games Club, and information on how to join the club may be found HERE. Hope to see you there! umbup: Joss
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        Hi Cigarlove91,

        You are deff not the only one struggling with cashtables. Cashtables are HARD and totally different from playing tourneys/sng. Even on the lowest level, don't expect to get a walk in the park.

        if you get bored I suggest you open more tables. Enough to keep your mind busy, but not too much or your game with go down fast. As Acta3on says, another option is to play Zoom.

        Lots of information about cash can be found here. Xflixx his grindingItUp series is indeed a very good resource.

        A very good rule in the micros is: if you get raised on the river, they have the nuts an aweful lot of the times. If you have a flush on a paired board and you get raised OTR: fold. Only call with nutflush if the raise is not too big.

        A good book you could read is "crushing the micros" by Nathan "Blackrain79" Williams.

        You might wanna check out the Basic Poker Hand Discussions forum and examine and/or post a few hands there.



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