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5NL zoom - Villain is over 600bb deep (read) are our KK good?

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  • 5NL zoom - Villain is over 600bb deep (read) are our KK good?

    This is bet sizing btn KK we 3bet, 5bet then 7bet. Oh no it has to be AA. Taking this (read) from the opponents profitable stack size playing so deep. This is were I guess using a hud tells the hero "they only do that with AA".

    I heard somewhere, something like: The negotiation style of re-re-re raising sets up 100bb KK to make a mistake.

    Also testing the PS7 avatar change to a lion in PSO, miss the old cat looking angry.

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    Some guys that I play against never go all-in pre unless they have KK or AA, but if you develop any history with those types of guys you can find these kinds of things out, lol. I don't know if having HUD stats on this guy would help much. Maybe if you were able to observe him previously making weird fishy sizes of his bets would have let this feel less like he has AA. I think that your sizes were good, but the villains sizes were odd, lol.

    Anyways, it would be pretty rare (like never) that I would be folding KK pre when I'm starting with less than 100BB in a cash game. Maybe if the guy actually showed me his AA before I had invested any money


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      You are only 100bb deep.


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        Thanks guys, Yes, right I'm folding KK now "with a read" no chance of that. Impossible but probable but the huge profit (max 100bb buy-in zoom) made by some random (to me) in a micro pool. Got me to think back about re-raise sizing. The 600bb was a peripheral "read" then back to what was said in training about bet size re-raise etc.. umbup: Note: Replay boom links seem to take out rake and round down to the first action. So stack sizes aren't true at the start of hand. Trivial, but hey we start with $4.93 that's not $4 and who cares because the villain has $31.32 not $31, so a $1.25 rake, that can't be true - my bad maths observation? Edit again: No, tried adding: both showdown stacks then subtract start stacks (adjusted for boom) 33c rake - still can't make the numbers fit.
        Last edited by ForrestFive; Wed Aug 27, 2014, 07:26 AM. Reason: boom link rake / now bad maths - Edit again


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          On the first rise we can put the villan on 20% range of hands as he is raising 3x the big blind in late position. You did the correct thing of 3 betting hem as this can give us more info of what range of hands he is playing whit. After he 4 bets we can narrow his range more let say around 6% 88+,ATs+,KQs,AQo+

          On this stage we have really good odds to call the pot is 3:1 and we have around 70% equity.
          After the 4 bet we can put him on really small range let say top 2% TT+,AKs we still getting great pot odds 4:1 and we have 65% equity.

          I think the villan played the hand really poor as he was giving us really good odds on every re raise he did.

          Personally i think KK on Zoom without read even against AA is a call after you build so big pot because you have +EV call even against KK+ range you have 22% and the pod odds are 4:1


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            Originally posted by ForrestFive View Post

            Also testing the PS7 avatar change to a lion in PSO, miss the old cat looking angry.
            Looking very regal there Forrest!

            The other day I folded KK pre-flop, then yesterday made a call with when it felt like maybe a fold was better ... and was up against AA. Am now worried I got things backwards and wound up with the worst of both worlds - d'oh!

            Probably they were both folds, but with a fold pre-flop there's never a chance to see if that was the right move, so then I wind up calling the next time Hard to know for sure I guess ...
            Last edited by TrustySam; Wed Aug 27, 2014, 02:52 PM.



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