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5NLz cooler or bad turn raise? (or both?)

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  • 5NLz cooler or bad turn raise? (or both?)

    Villain is completely unknown. Does this turn raise isolate myself against the nuts? I'm trying to work out what I'm really getting value from when I raise turn beyond sets and on the rare occasion KQ (AK maybe but I'd expect them to fold). Is there any issues with sizing or lines taken Thanks.

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    I don't think it's bad to raise with the second nuts on the turn. I want to build a pot somehow. I wouldn't want to just check/call turn and river with the second nuts fearing the nuts. Maybe if you were a lot deeper then you don't want to play for stacks.

    I think a lot of the things about this hand depend on the villain you are up against, and it's tough because you don't know them. If it was a known spewy guy then it's so much easier to just say it was bad luck, etc. Some spewy villains will want to continue on the turn with just a hand like AQ that has the A of diamonds (like me probably, lol).

    To me there wasn't any massive mistakes in this hand. Maybe consider not calling OOP with a marginal starting hand vs an unknown villain. With that flop and turn I'm probably just getting it in as fast as I can, but that's me, dunno.


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      This looks pretty straight forward in my opinion. Raising the turn can get value from quite a few single diamonds sometimes, sets, straight draws, KQ, big kings etc. The preflop call is somewhat questionable since it can't really flop a strong hand and even has some reverse implied odds (K high flop, villain has better king etc). Playing this out of position to begin with can be debated. Postflop, pretty standard, and unlucky cooler.




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