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2NL zoom - We make a small 3-bet late position with A8s - any ideas what they have?

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  • 2NL zoom - We make a small 3-bet late position with A8s - any ideas what they have?

    This is a should I play A8s or not, so 3-bet pre. Then check through QJ9 (no suit) in position - bluff at that board? I nearly felt obligated to c-bet but didn't.

    We hit turn T, a straight Q-8 this is not that good! But why, when I raise "I have a hand", do I get two callers? So river K. We now chop to Ace high, do we bet? No value maybe 67 calls.

    Fun 1c/2c thinking too much.

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    Checking back the nuts?!

    Just shove the river and hope that one of them is bad enough to think "look at this idiot trying to take the pot when it's obviously a split pot" and call you with 67, if caller also have an A, you still win something.

    Thats my opinion on this, maybe it would be better to make a thin value bet of about 0.25c, that way villains will call more often to make chop, maybe even try to bluff, whatever you do is IMO better than check on the river.
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      Hey Forrest!

      When you have the nuts on the river and are last to act, especially live, you absolutely must bet and cannot check. If you'd do this live, you'll get a penalty for soft play.

      Bet whatever you think the opp will call.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Thanks guys, for pointing that out.

        Didn't realise I had the nuts and had to bet. Looking at the chop and one of the villains must have an Ace.



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