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10nl FR-tricky spot with top set

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  • 10nl FR-tricky spot with top set

    UTG+1(hero) $12.50 - QQ
    MP2 $10
    BB $11.90 Vpip/16/pfr/13/

    Hero opens for .40, and gets two callers
    Pot: $1.20
    Flop: QJTr

    BB donks for $1. Hero calls, MP2 folds
    Pot: $3.20
    Turn: 6h

    BB checks. Hero bets $2. BB raises to $4.20(6.30 left behind)

    First, i would like to know if i played correctly OTF by just calling
    Second, what should i do OTT?

  • #2
    Raise the flop. You have the board crushed. BBs donk looks like a combo draw that's trying to get folds, especially with a larger sizing. I don't expect him to have AK here like ever, because AK falls into a 3bet of 7% easily and he would even be more likely to 3bet given it would be a squeeze and he's OOP.

    Given that, I want to raise flop for value and protection against draws.


    • #3
      Don't raise flop. Not a board you want to be raising.

      Obv bet/call ott.


      • #4
        Originally posted by birdayy View Post
        Not a board you want to be raising.
        Can you explain why please. I just stated my reasons I would like to know yours umbup:


        • #5
          Hey Espada!

          Most players usually do 3b squeeze with AK here, but not always. Especially in spots like this where he is facing a 4x from early position. We can't exclude AK from his range. I would expect the BB to have a fairly wide range even with his tight stats since there is a caller and he is last to act preflop. His range will include pocket pairs, suited connectors, suited broadways, suited Ax hands and perhaps some unsuited connectors 910x and better. In other words, AK and 89s are in his range, but there are a lot more hands that make a set, two pair or one pair and a straight draw on this flop.

          I agree with birdayy and would just call the flop bet. Calling keeps the villain’s range wide. We don’t want the semi-bluffing hands to fold. Calling also keeps the pot under control if we are behind. Also, the caller is yet to act. Our call may induce them to call building the pot for us.

          Since the villain checks the turn, we want to bet in order to maximize our profit all the times we are ahead. Getting check-raised looks strong, but you will often still have the best hand. Moreover, there is about a 20% chance the board will pair on the river giving you the nuts even if the villain flopped a straight. Your hand is too strong to fold. So, just call and see the river.

          Hopefully you river a full house and you can confidently get it all in. If the river is a brick and the villain checks to you, I would need to know more about the villain before deciding to bet or check behind. If an A, K or 9 comes we might consider folding to a shove. Again, I would want to know more about the villain (nr of hands, river aggr%, w$sd). Any other card and I would call any bet from the villain.

          GL at the tables!

          Roland GTX


          • #6
            @swag, it's just a board that smashes our range. he's likely donking a weak hand because his range is pretty capped on this board (ours is uncapped), so raising with the effective nuts doesn't really achieve much.


            • #7
              Hmm, makes sense. Could be a potential leak of mine missing value here. Thanks


              • #8
                For the history...
                I shoved when he check-raised me because i think the line he took was really weird and didnt make sense to me, and he showed up with... AK (didnt fill up OTR).
                Wkat do you thing about the way he played his hand?



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