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50c - 45man turbo SnG help needed!

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  • 50c - 45man turbo SnG help needed!

    Hello, This is my first post, so hello everyone! Now I'm very much a beginner at poker, I love the game, and play it often in periods, but i have never turned a profit in the long run. I play micro stakes, and only for fun, but I try to take it serious. In other words, I love the game and take it serious, but play for fun and not for money. Lately I've been playing a lot of 45man turbo micros (25c reg. and 50c turbo), and i have yet to reach the money. I have a feeling i might be playing to nitty in the first levels, and then get forced to shove on marginal hands with 8BB left. When i try to change this tactic however i just seem to go bust so much quicker. An example: I have around 30 hands on this villain, showing VPIP 52 / PR 28 (33BB). My stats at that point is 17 / 17 with (19BB). Later in the same tournament i get desperate with a table full of quite tight players. My stats at this point is 19 / 15 (8 BB) This is the way it seems to go. Any suggestions or input is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Polkadots107! 17/17 is not playing them too nitty. I'm a bit lower (and very profitable at this type of game). From what I see with these 2 hands, you might want to go back thru your hands and look at position, as it seems to me that this may be something you can work on. In the first hand with AJ, due to being out of position, I don't want to just call here. I either need to 3-bet or fold. If the opp is very tight, I'll muck, but against a loose opp, I'm going to 3-bet. The key here is the sizing. I normally tend to go to between 2.5 and 3X the previous bet (lower as the blinds and bet sizes get higher compared to my stack size), so I'd usually raise to about 1125 BUT... this is over 1/3 of my stack, which means that the bet will pot-commit me and that I can't fold later in the hand. Due to this, I'm 3-bet shoving. In the 2nd one, 19/15 is a solid TAG line, so nothing wrong with your numbers. With A7s from UTG with 8BB, I'm going to muck this one, as it's a bit too weak to be shoving on this stack. If I was in middle or late position, I'd shove it, but not from early position. I'd want to wait and find a better spot (which I should be able to find in these). In the future, please try to keep it to one hand per thread, so that we can keep the discussions on them on topic. One other key in these that you can look into that may need work (did for me when I started playing them) is bubble play. When you get hands, don't worry about taking a chance and not cashing. If you get a hand to play, especially one that can get you close to a top 3 stack if you win the hand.. go for it! Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Wow! That's some really solid advice.

      I'll go through my hands by position and look over my play by position. I find it very hard to know what hands to play from where!
      In the future i'll keep to one hand per thread




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