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2NL Zoom is it correct to check the TURN ?

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  • 2NL Zoom is it correct to check the TURN ?

    Player in CU was marked as REG which made me be a bit more cautious, but am I loosing value by checking on the TURN, and should I have Raised on the RIVER?

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    defo bet on turn for value and protect our hand from another spade coming

    you got position so you can easily c/f on the river if another spade come - if no spade comes along on the river you will be definitely have the best hand so i think you should raise on the river again for value


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      Well played. I don't mind the turn check-back at all.
      That turn card either improves villain (often to a flush) or it scares the hell out of him, meaning he won't call your value-bet unless he has AT+ (or KT/QT with the Ks).

      River is just a call too. It's too thin to raise, I think, since you lose to several sets, flushes and straights, and the only worse hands that can call a raise are AJ/AT that are somewhat unlikely holdings given the board texture and action.
      There may be a slight loss of EV by taking the passive line you took, but it minimises variance. At 2NL, I think being cautious is often better than building huge pots with anything less than the nuts.
      Bracelet Winner


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        Great reply from both of you,

        I see you argument Marvin, and was my main concern in this play that I am loosing EV by playing conservative. BET on TURN and a RAISE on RIVER would for sure get me at least twice the value then conservative play.

        Arty thanks for the breakdown, it reassured me that my play had valid betting structure to reduce variance and protect my self against possible flushes, sets and gutters that the villain might be drawing too.

        Thank you both for your comments, and look forward to share more hands with you in the future.

        Bartec @PS


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          You could definitely b/f turn, but I hate doing that with sets, so checking is fine. It makes us look weak so we can expect our opponent to be betting his entire range of A/x on the river hoping to get looked up by a 2nd pair. However, given the river brings a jack, raising river just looks a little too thin. KQ got there, and there are many combos of flushes. I don't expect a thinking opponent to call a raise on that river with AJo... I think you played it fine given you thought he was a reg


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            Swagneto thanks for the positive feedback, its good to know that this was a solid competent Post-Flop play.


            Bartec @PS


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              The villains limp preflop in the cutoff is a big tell that he's a weak player, always attack weakk players with aggression I would have bet about 70% pot OTT and hoped that the board paired for a full house. Raiser umbup:


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                I like royalraise85's approach, since the villain looks fishy you can expect to get away with it most of the times. But the cautious way you play it definitely it's the safe move



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