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bluff failure

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  • bluff failure

    i enjoy play this way, no fun if you are just playing your card, what makes bluff successful?

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    In the first hand I would suggest that it's not a good idea to try to bluff when it's multi-way, and everyone else in the hand has shown a lot of interest in the hand. Also, it's probably a good idea to have a bit more real equity in the hand.

    In the second hand once the guy has called that turn bet, then there is basically no chance that he is folding on a river card that changes nothing. He is especially not folding for that amount on the river. Maybe if you guys were like 100 BBs deeper to start the hand and the bet sizes previous to the river were the same size so you had about a pot sized river shove ... heh. I'm not saying that is something that you should do in this type of hand if you were 100 BBs deeper, I'm afraid it might be like setting money on fire :p

    I would suggest to consider more carefully what types of hands your opponents might really have when you are thinking about trying to bluff them.



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      Yikes! The first hand is played terribly, I'm afraid. Just fold on the flop. Against two players in a 3-bet squeezed pot, villains are going to have big pairs and big aces pretty often, and they won't be folding them once they've invested money on two streets.
      In short, you didn't flop a set, so don't put any money in the pot post-flop with such a weak hand.

      The second hand is perhaps even worse. You need to think about what your opponents may be holding. Villain 3-bet you, so he likely has a strong hand. He bet the AQ flop, which is one that hits his range well. The best you can do here is call and hope he slows down. Check-raising is spewy, because you have some showdown value and you'll never fold out better hands than yours. When villain calls the check-raise, you are literally never ahead. His worst hand should be AK, and he's not folding TPTK in a 3-bet pot. When your flop bluff is called, just give up. Don't fire your whole stack into the abyss when a villain's entire range is pretty much unfoldable.
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