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10NL zoom - Getting owned but got one bluff catch correct - reads?

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  • 10NL zoom - Getting owned but got one bluff catch correct - reads?

    We open utg ATs (tight fold?). Result, the btn folds, we have position. But omg both blinds call - strong calling party?

    Got told off here for using a player's country as a read, though did check the bb was playing 4x zoom tables. My read? Listened to 2+2 pokercast, Mike & Adam in Uruguay playing live.

    OK, I get banned for using that information. Back to the hand, flop A89r and do not cbet my Ace in this spot, so check behind.

    Turn is a blank 2h and what happens? Yes, a bet turn and river 9h. So I feel stupid what a ridiculous observation because I heard some stories about poker and taxis running out of petrol.

    All in good fun.

    Seriously, no reads 4 table player. I disguised my Ace and they didn't donk a set. So the turn bet is a set- or a better Ace? And the river bet is a luck box 9 or what idiot calls Ace high!

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    Looks like a very standard hand to me.

    We pot controlled on flop, while they can have a better Ace they are unlikely to have A9 though it's possible, we beat A8 still. He can have sets but by river that is likely only to be 8's or 2's.


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      Hi Forrest,

      I agree with bhoy, seems pretty standard. I take this type of line frequently vs. aggressive players and TAGs because it's hard to get much value from worse hands (and they won't defend a lot of A-rags oop vs an UTG open) but checking back will induce bluffs and lighter call downs on the turn and river. Our hand is really only good for 1-2 streets of value vs. most players (loose stations being the notable exception), those streets don't have to be the flop and turn... we can try to get them on the flop and river or turn and river.

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