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2nl full ring cash game AJo vs min 3bet of a Nit, was this play wrong?

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  • 2nl full ring cash game AJo vs min 3bet of a Nit, was this play wrong?

    my Opponent HUD: 100 hands, VPIP 7, PFR 7 , AFt None, AFr 71, PF3b 10 I call his 3bet because it's cheap, then I check call QJx flop cbet, I don't like this call but maybe he has AK so I call and check on turn hit 2 pairs, he bet near Pot, I'm scare to Raise and he shove or call with AQ,AJ,QQ,JJ,AA so I call and check river, did I play this hand right vs a NIT?

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    Against that particular player, I'd fold to the 3-bet pre-flop, even given the tiny sizing. AJ is horribly dominated by his range. Best case scenario is he has QQ/KK and you spike an ace.

    For the record, I'd fold AJ to a 3-bet vs anyone if they made it a normal size and I'm OOP like you are here. If you raise UTG and get 3-bet, you should generally dump anything worse than TT/AK.

    As played, the board runout means you have to check-call flop and turn. It would be pretty sick if he triple barreled, as even with two pairs you only beat AK and random underpairs he got married to. Was it AK or KK this time?
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      It will be tough for me to call if he triple barreled,thanks for your advice, next time I'll fold AJ vs 3bet OOP!


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        Arty is right saying you should fold to his 3bet but I would be incapable of folding such a tiny 3bet.
        To a normal sized 3bet I would deffo fold too.

        If you call a 3bet, any 3bet, be sure to play very cautious and expect to be up against a toprange hand.
        They don't 3bet this light as a bluff...
        If he had triple barrel the river, I would have a hard time calling.

        Villain just had to have AK or KK here. Other hands make no sence.


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          even though he's a NIT he's 3bet sizing is way too small that you need to call

          you already got 2 pr on the turn OP so defo you need to get paid and you need to 3bet this and call of to his 4bet shove if he did

          if he has the nuts so be it

          the reason for this is his 3bet sizing if he made it the normal 3x your raise then we are folding



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