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$0.50/$1 Zoom No Limit Holdem , 100z - 2nd pair otr

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  • $0.50/$1 Zoom No Limit Holdem , 100z - 2nd pair otr

    $0.50/$1 Zoom No Limit Holdem PokerStars 6 Players Hand Conversion Powered by Stacks: UTG Fiilismies ($100.43) 100bb UTG+1 Hero ($159.15) 159bb CO ModestBoy ($113.48) 113bb BTN Underbee ($159.20) 159bb SB andrey2302 ($165.64) 166bb BB Elmagico19A1 ($101.50) 102bb Pre-Flop: ($1.50, 6 players) Hero is UTG+1 1 fold, Hero raises to $2.42, 1 fold, Underbee calls $2.42, 2 folds Flop: ($6.34, 2 players) Hero bets $4, Underbee calls $4 Turn: ($14.34, 2 players) Hero bets $9.50, Underbee calls $9.50 River: ($33.34, 2 players) Hero checks, Underbee bets $29.50 Again, assume readless at this point, except that villain is a 4 tabling regular. His sizing is pretty polarizing (i doubt he takes this line with AJ/AQ), so i'd say he's repping 2 pair + or bluffs. Should we be calling here? I think given we don't block clubs it's a pretty good candidate.
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    Hi birdayy,

    This is big chips $159 is 159bb, beyond my BR. We are doing well and I had to read the text 6 times to get into the spot. We open +1 KJs, is that bottom of range utg? A Nit talk here.

    We cbet flop called, cbet turn called, give up. Underbee has the button and in position through out the hand. Our top pair good kicker on the flop, gets some redraw value on the turn? IMO no, betting turn is a semi-bluff (on a different suit) which we may have to carry through on the river.

    Then that wouldn't make sense Tc9c is the straight. Sorry my brain is somewhere although Underbee has a strong position to bluff, I doubt it is worse than AK (that should 3bet?) and the 9c6c oh yes a station.


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      Hey forrest.

      I think this is a turn is we'll be betting a lot of our range with, both for value and bluffs, so we should be betting for thin value, even with a hand like KJ. It's gonna get pretty horrible if we check and he fires twice and we're just left guessing.

      I assume a strong regular wouldn't have 96cc in his flatting range pre.

      Tc9c is a hand he could have, but it's only one combo (ie very unlikely).


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        Hey birdayy,

        My brain goes with pre flop raise oop and cbet flop. Then what is a good turn to bluff, if we don't improve. If we check call turn, was their bet less than our second barrel? So a Q turn is not that good against KQ or the random T9 or 96. It's a fold on the river and I don't like to be bluffed.

        Anyway too many beers.

        Check/call turn for a price, or bet it and keep bluffing 1 pair on a run out river that looks wrong. Was it KQ?


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          Originally posted by birdayy View Post
          so i'd say he's repping 2 pair + or bluffs.
          What 2 pair is he repping here? QJ should raise the turn imo. You think he stations with 87 for two streets? I don't think 2 pair or sets are part of his range.

          Considering we bet twice and the villain calls both times... the only hand that "gets there" is T9 of clubs. How many bluffs can we give this villain?

          Here's what I can give for hands:
          KTs,Tc9c,Tc8c,9c8c (you could add some Ax of clubs but I think they would raise the NFD at some point of the hand.)

          I think all other hands check back. As I said I don't see any 2 pair or sets in this guys range.

          Tough spot. If we put him on this type of range then we need to call. If you're ranging 2 pair plus and bluffs then it's a fold.


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            double float then bets big on a river indicates a strong hand for me so I fold


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              Hi birdayy,

              I think this is just a fold personally. It's true we don't block clubs, so the premise that he can have more hands with which to bluff on the river is spot on, but that doesn't mean he will bluff them. Presuming he's a reg who is ranging us, our line looks a lot like we are either giving up a miss ourselves or have showdown value and are planning to check/call to snap bluffs. And many of those bluffs would be the busted clubs, but if he holds them then from his perspective he also blocks us from having some of the give up hands, so we should be more weighed to SDV holdings. Thus he may not elect to actually bluff some of his busts, expecting to get called. But he will value bet bigger hoping it looks polarizing (I do this all the time myself to get light calls).

              I think that a bluff targeting our give up hands can get those out with a bet of like $15, the only real reason to polarize here imo is to go for value.

              We need to make sure we do have a c/not-folding range here so we're don't fold too much otr, but I think we have enough c/c combos in AQ/KQ/AA/KK and some QQ/JJ combos (especially QQ since he can't really have much to call a third barrel with when we block top pair so hard). We can let this one go imo.

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