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100z - River spot with top 2

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  • 100z - River spot with top 2

    $0.50/$1 Zoom No Limit Holdem PokerStars 6 Players Hand Conversion Powered by Stacks: UTG wari ($237.44) 237bb UTG+1 W1thGod ($100.50) 101bb CO CaptainGant ($138.26) 138bb BTN VahTang_89 ($112.76) 113bb SB KASPAROV77 ($238.97) 239bb BB Hero ($129.25) 129bb Pre-Flop: ($1.50, 6 players) Hero is BB 3 folds, VahTang_89 raises to $2.12, 1 fold, Hero calls $1.12 Flop: ($4.74, 2 players) Hero checks, VahTang_89 checks Turn: ($4.74, 2 players) Hero bets $3, VahTang_89 calls $3 River: ($10.74, 2 players) Hero bets $7.50, VahTang_89 raises to $26.50 No real stats to go on. Assume he's a reg as he was 4 tabling. Really weird spot. He's repping A3, and that's pretty much it. We block TT and KT obviously so i'm not sure if we should be calling here. Thoughts on calling?

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    Since this is such a rare line where I find that's never being taken as a bluff by a reg - especially not with that size and on such a drawless texture - I would tend to make an exploitable fold.

    He would need to be tricky enough to checkback AK OTF and valueraise OTR or realize it's such a bad bluffspot that he can get you off Kx by turning something like Tx/JJ/QQ into a bluff - but in practice I think most people are just calling those OTR anyway. There just aren't many other potential bluffcombos he could get to the river with anyway after x-ing back flop.

    Unless I'm having specific info I'm not feeling too bad about folding a hand that's even as high up in my range to a line that I'm encountering so rarely.
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      I don't think he would call your turn bet with A3. Most likely he would bet OTF to make you fold and since he checked he probably gave up
      The only hands that would be played like that are QQ, JJ and KK, but since there is one K in our hands and another one on the board i would rule out KK
      So, he must have turned his hand into a bluff


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        AA,33, and 44 would have cbet
        Easy call imo



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