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A hand from play money tourney during the Sunday Special training today

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  • A hand from play money tourney during the Sunday Special training today

    So, here's my thoughts on this. Pre-flop: I considered just shoving, and I think that would be ok with me sitting on 10 BBs if I had fold equity. I didn't really think that I had fold equity with that many people in the pot and considering that I think the people involved do know what they are doing. I think they would expect me to shove pretty light, and I would get called/reshoved by at least one spot. I thought that calling with those odds (pot over 14k and I had to call 1800) was a better option even though I was so short. Flop: I have an open ended straight draw, and a backdoor flush draw (and two overs to the board, but I wasn't thinking about the two overs). I thought that the ranges of the villains other than the original pre-flop raiser were probably pretty weak considering the flat calls pre. The pre opening raiser could have any strong hand up to AA. I felt like I had good equity in the hand, and was too short to not play this. My first inclination was to just shove, but I had slightly over a pot size shove in my stack and I thought that if I just jammed then it would look like I wanted folds. It wouldn't look like I had a strong made hand, right? I went with the smaller size bet because I thought that gave a better chance of taking it down right there than an actual shove would. I would prefer that everyone fold, but if someone shoved over my bet then I would have called. --- Honestly, I didn't consider that anybody might just flat call my bet. I guess that could have happened, and that would have sucked, lol. What do you think? Thanks for any insights T

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    With only 10BB, I can't call a raise and then ever fold in the hand, so I need to shove or fold. If I perceive that I have no fold equity, then I need to fold preflop.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Alright, thanks for the reply John



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