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Ace King suited needs evaluation

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  • Ace King suited needs evaluation

    This hand I just played thought I would include it here too.
    Last edited by ligh7foo7; Sat Aug 09, 2014, 12:25 PM. Reason: Another AK hand

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    I'm guessing these are play money tables, which is fine. Play money can be good practice for some aspects of the game, up to a point.

    Ok, the top hand with the suited AK:

    Pre-flop, The standard raise at this depth of blinds would be 3x the big blind, plus 1 big blind per limper so that would have been 80 chips. It looks like people at this table are just going to want to call regardless of the size you make so maybe a little bigger would be fine with premium hands for value.

    On the flop, This is a very strong flop for you. You have top pair, top kicker and a draw to the nut flush. Also you have a backdoor draw to a nut straight. You want to get all of the chips in on this flop if possible, and to do that you need to bet or raise larger amounts. It's bet and called in front of you which makes the pot 700 total when it's on you. I would say raise to at least 700, and at this table you could probably just shove and get called by worse. Even if everyone in the hand were to call you would probably be ahead of most of them, and have outs to the nuts if someone has a set or whatever. On the flop you are actually ahead in equity vs the guy with the two pair at 52% to 48% if it was just the two of you.

    The second hand:

    Pre-flop, You only have about 17 big blinds. This stack size is just going to be a shove and you can expect to get called by worse or pick up the chips that are out there if everyone folds. If everyone folds, then that's ok. If you do make a more standard type bet, and then someone else raises you as it actually happened, then you need to just shove it all in at that point instead of making a min-raise.

    On the flop, Thank you for not min-betting when it checked to you, because I would have had to cut myself if I had seen that happen

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      Hi ligh7foo7! In the first hand, preflop, I need to make a standard bet, which at this blind level is to 3BB+1BB for each limper. I do not want to bet less or I risk giving the opps the correct odds to try to outdraw me. If I give them the correct odds and lose, it's my own fault that I lose the hand. The same thing on the flop. Bets postflop need to be sized based on the size of the pot, number of opps and board texture. When I get an abnormally small bet and a call in front of me, I need to make a standard raise (pot-sized raise due to 4+ opps in the pot).. BUT.. this bet will make me put over 1/3 of my chips into the pot, meaning I'm pot-committed and cannot ever fold later in the hand if I make this bet. Due to this, I need to shove the flop. I do not want to bet less than a standard bet. If I do so an lose due to the opp getting the correct odds to try to outdraw me, it's my own fault that I lose the hand. -------------------- Same exact thing in the 2nd hand. Preflop, I need to make a standard raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper and when the opp raises, I need to make a pot-sized re-raise due to how many are in the pot and since this bet pot-commits me.. I need to shove. Any lower bet gives the opps the right odds, so regardless of how good my hand is, they WILL win chips off of me on average due to this. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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