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Should fold AA?

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  • Should fold AA?

    I was playing live cash game today at a poker-room. Blinds were Rs.25/50 ($0.50/$1). 9 handed table. I had 3100 chips and MP player had 6000 chips. Preflop: UTG+1 (Me): Raises to 250 MP: Calls 250 HJ: Calls 250 Button: Calls 250 Flop: , Pot Size : 1075 Me: Check MP: Bets 450 HJ: Folds Button: Folds Me: Calls 450 Turn: , Pot Size: 1975 Me: Check MP: Bets 750 Me: Calls 750 River: , Pot Size: 3475 Me: Check MP: Bets 1250 Me: (I have about Rs.1650 left) This kind of player can be value-owning K9 K8 KJ, etc. But if he is not then he might have some two pairs. I think it is more of a read based decision and how he has been playing earlier. The read I had on MP player was he was loose preflop and only 3-bets big hands preflop. But he plays 50% hands preflop almost every hand. Usually he bets big and when people ask why you bet big he says he had two pair and don't want to get suckedout and he is happy with the pot that is in front of him. So he overbets sometimes small flush on flop so that no one makes bigger flush. He is only passive preflop but aggressive post flop, sometimes he calls with flush draw on flop and if turn is checked to him he bets his draw. He is tough player mainly coz his range his ultra wide plus he is doesn't fold often his top pair hand. My table image was ultra tight and I show up with good hands all the time.
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    Hi adi,

    I don't mind checking the flop here. The standard course is to bet, and the looser/more stationy they are, the more I generally bet here, but with at least 1 aggro guy behind us I don't mind including a few combos of strong 1 pair (AA/AK) hands in my check-calling range to protect my weaker check/calls with hands like JJ and AQ.

    The general intention when doing this, seeding our check/call range with a few stronger hands, is to be able to take 3 streets of heat with them unless we get some bad events that weaken them and change the situation.

    So in this hand, I think we get a series of good and non events and no bad ones:

    -Aggressive player picks up the betting lead (non-event, as he would do this with a wide array of worse hands as well as better ones)
    -The other 2 opponents fold (good event)
    -Turn and river are blanks (good events, all draws miss)
    -The aggressive players sizings are small on all streets (good events, since we have observed a tendency to bet big for value and protection when he's got strong hands)

    Given all this, I would follow through and call him on the river here.

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      going to bet the flop and see how many players will continue because the board is so wet

      if opponent 3bets then just 4bet jam

      if opponent just call the flop then i will bet the turn again 50% of the pot and again be happy to get it all in

      the river i will just check call

      nice hand by the way I hope you won this pot LOL



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