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25NL Zoom: Calling with AQo in position

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  • 25NL Zoom: Calling with AQo in position

    Opponent is 31/26 (61 hands). Is it ok to call here against an UTG raise from this type? (His UTG stats are 55% from 11 hands!). By calling I keep his range wide and although there are players to act after me, none stand out as squeezers/overly aggressive. Easy c-bet call. I wimp out on the turn which might be a mistake as checking his stats later he was 3/3 turn c-bet. Tricky, though, as pot is getting big & I only have TPGK which possible flush now on the board and we're quite deep.

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    I think folding turn is a little weak.


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      Stacks or Stats? Looking at zoom 100bb max buy-in and my opponent is moving up to 500bb?

      Is that a good player or do the statistics tell you 31/26 means, what? My 2 cents - they can raise utg wider (cash availability) so I would like to re-raise AQ pre.

      So they fire a c-bet Ace high flop "as they do" and then c-bet turn probably standard with that stack. So no 3bet pre, the villain keeps the initiative.

      Ok if we had re-raised, now they 4-bet pre so a different decision (1) -OR- they call oop and donk into us (2).

      So do you prefer (1) or (2) after popping it up pre? As played I'm not a believer on the turn bet.


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        Pre would be my standard against an unknown, if you could expect this villain to be somewhat weaker and not only open loose but also defend wider vs 3-bets even OOP I'd 3-bet.

        Flop is a call for sure, don't see much point in any other option as we'd just make life easier for the villain by putting too much pressure on his medium strength hands and potential bluffs.

        Given that he c-bet multiway and barrels this turn I feel like he will be quite strong in this spot. His sizing is a little big though looking at what rather is a scarecard even to most of the hands in his range, but not so much to yours.

        I don't mind a fold in what will be mostly honest multiway dynamics, but we are quite high up in our range and could certainly peel once more to see rivercard + action and make a decision there.
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          Does a larger bet size on a turn cbet often point more towards a bluff in your experience?

          I think it's close on turn as you imply, so maybe next time I call!



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