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10NL zoom. Limited obs' - A line I rarely try KK in the big blind

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  • 10NL zoom. Limited obs' - A line I rarely try KK in the big blind

    No infos apart from the betting line and checking zoom lobby.

    The cut off open raised playing 1 table and the button 3-bet playing 3 tables. So very limited observations and I'm only taking a 1 table shot myself.

    We call and don't 4-bet KK from the big blind. If the open raiser pops it up I am going with it.

    Unfortunately I didn't have a plan for the 3 table player on the button (maybe more experience in these spots)!

    Can we get into trouble flatting into two players? I'm surprised at showdown. Thanks to the button fold for thinking what I was thinking - it must be AA (but not all of the time)! What if the button came along??? Still a call.

    Last edited by ForrestFive; Tue Aug 05, 2014, 07:34 AM. Reason: 3-way call

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    Really not a fan of the flat. It would be better with AA since it's less vulnerable.

    Obviously your dream came true and we can just snap.

    I presume he had AK/JJ?


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      Yea, I'm not a fan of the flat either. Even with AA I don't like it too much. I might consider flatting in a spot where I am in the SB or BTN facing a CO open and I know that I have someone behind me that has a high squeeze percentage. Try to plot AA or KK vs two random hands and see how much we lose equity as opposed to playing against one opponent and that's if we are all in preflop. if we see a flop vs two opponents things will get trickier as the chance of us getting outdrawn increases.


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        If you cc TT/JJ here having AA to protect your range is a good idea.


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          Thanks guys, strange being in the bb it's not a cold 4-bet but a 4-bet in any chips does get a high % of folds. So was guessing taking this line. Yes the showdown in the Boom Re-player was covered by the big red box "Go to Website". Click the 'x' to remove it. *** SUMMARY *** ForrestFive showed [Ks Kc] and won ($20.33) with two pair, Kings and Sevens Player 6 mucked [Jd,Js] Who said JJ? umbup:



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