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10nl - Pocket Fives - Do I have enough outs to call on the turn?

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  • 10nl - Pocket Fives - Do I have enough outs to call on the turn?

    There are 12 outs on the turn,should call? BTW,any wrong action before turn?

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    Hi jsguo! Preflop, I suggest opening with a standard 3bb raise rather than limping in. Any time you are the first to enter the pot always do so by raising, regardless of your cards. If you raise your strong hands and limp your speculative hands you will be easy for stronger players to exploit. By always raising the same amount, it will be harder for opponents to read you. On the flop, villain 6 c-bets nearly pot sized. This combined with his preflop raise makes his most likely range to be overpairs and perhaps two overcards with a flush draw or top pair hands like A8. You can improve to a set with a 5 giving you two outs, or to a straight with any non-club 7 for three more outs making for 5 good outs. This equals about a 10% chance of improving on the turn. However, the pot sized c-bet on the flop gives you poor odds to continue. Moreover, villain 2 acts after you and may raise. Therefore, I suggest folding to the flop bet. On the turn, the villain makes another potsized bet. This looks like he has top pair or an overpair and wants you to pay to outdraw him. However, we still can't completely discount that he or v2 has a flush draw. The way v2 keeps passively calling seems to indicate that he has a drawing hand. Therefore, we don't want to count the and as good outs as a flush would beat our straight. Thus, you have three 7's, three 2's and maybe two 5's as good outs for a total of 8 outs. Again, you are not getting good pot odds to continue. Folding on the turn would be best. You can read a bit about calculating outs here In general, with non-premium pocket pairs we want to see the flop cheaply. If we flop a set great. If we miss, we normally want to check-fold in order to minimize our investment. GL and have fun at the tables!umbup: Roland GTX



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