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0.10c - Sit n Go/Multi Table Tournament - How to play pocket 3's in the small blind?

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  • 0.10c - Sit n Go/Multi Table Tournament - How to play pocket 3's in the small blind?

    Played on a 0.10 sng tournament

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    Played fine.

    If it was heads up, I'd probably check-raise the flop or turn and try and get stacks in vs a flush draw, but multiway, on this board, bottom set is not much more than a bluff-catcher (and will usually only get stacks in versus a made flush), so check-calling every street is fine.
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      Villain might just be a recreational player.

      Was his hand really that bad he didnt want to show it down?

      Personally, as this was in an 11c tourney, I'd be happy to raise. Villains can and will call with worse. Against competent opponents I totally agree with what Arty says above.


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        Hey all! In this hand, I need to make a standard lead bet on the flop. Since a standard bet 3/4 pot is going to pot-commit me, I need to SHOVE the flop. By letting the bets be too small, I'm giving the opps the correct odds to outdraw me and by doing so, I WILL lose chips longterm by doing this... it's something that I need to avoid. Whenever the opps get the correct odds to play, I deserve to lose chips and will lose them on average, each and every time I'd do this. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          with only 4800(16bbs) behind and the pot already 4200. I'm already willing to risk my tournament life here and will reshove all in


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            Sorry, but check/calling down is just not good. Preflop is fine, but betting this flop is much better than offering the field a free card, and once it's bet with our stack and this much in the middle already, get the money in. We will get called off in a .10c game by a whole variety of worse hands that would either pull ahead of us or stop putting $ in on a 4th club.
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              I'd jam preflop as I'd expect to take it down without a showdown really often and if I do get called, it will normally be heads-up as a favourite.

              As played I'd just open jam the flop and expect to get called by a significant number of worse hands. Once the bet comes in, again I just want to get the money in ASAP.



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