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2NL Zoom 6max - trips OTF vs a lot of aggression from a passive player

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  • 2NL Zoom 6max - trips OTF vs a lot of aggression from a passive player

    Here is the hand guys villain is 26/21/1.7 from 41 hand I was reviewing this hand over and over again and the more I watch it, more it looks like this should be an easy fold vs 5bet from a passive player. Now when I think about it I can't think of any worse hand that he can take this line with. Maybe slowplayed aces or kings or ? Even if he also have a 4x he probably have a better kicker. What do you guys think? Easy fold after 5bet?

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    Hi Nishkey,

    I saw this just after posting a luck box hand 67 hitting K66 flop. That was a sb vs bb raise and in position.

    Here this is different because of the action multi-way post flop. Small cbet 1bb from the utg open raiser, now a raise (over caller pre flop) and call, you 3-bet squeeze. On the re-raise are you good?

    Would AKs 3bet pre flop? They should, so you could be correct on a tight player not re-raising pre flop. But their stats 26/21? What does it mean? Yes they play 6-max and why no 3-bet? OK AKs is just 1 hand.

    The AF 1.7 post flop is worth thinking about ( I don't use a hud but at PSO I hear numbers and try to understand ) well it's not 3.0 a big number. I'm actually thinking a re-re-raise has a monster.

    PSO people here can help on the betting line. But I think the utg +1 (over caller pre flop) did a back raise to your squeeze post flop. This is looking bad.


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      OMG what can we do UNLUCKY

      we hit trips let's get it all in post flop


      gl luck on the next buy in Nishkey


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        TBH at the moment of his re-re-raise I though "wow this must be 55" but i nevertheless decided to go all in and hope he have some weird flush draw or big pocket pair. Now I think it was a mistake and that i should have folded, simply because he is passive player and they rarely take that line with anything less than monster.


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          Hey all!

          26/21 is not a passive opp... they're pretty aggressive preflop, so I'm going to expect that to continue postflop.

          The big key here... I need to lead the flop for 3/4 pot. With this many opps, someone can easily have a straight or flush draw, so I need to make a solid lead value bet that prices these out.

          As played, I'm calling every time here. With a fairly aggro opp, they're going to be doing this with OESD and flush draws and I'm ahead of these. Unfortunately, the opp had one of the 2 hands that I'm behind.. but that's going to happen sometimes.

          If the opp was a true passive player (26/2 or so)... then I've got a real decision when they make it 12 cents... because they will have a 4 or 55 here the majority of the time... but I'm still most likely not laying down trips.

          John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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            Thanks John

            HEM autorate him as a loose passive, also his 3bet stats (PF) is 0.0 but only 9 hands.

            my plan OTF was a check/raise as I was expecting at least one of the villains to bet. As was certain that Villain_1 will bet if it checks to him as he had high AF and is rated as loose aggressive. I don't know, maybe I rely too much on HEM when I make my decisions.


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              The reason that I like leading is that my bet can be a 4, 5 or mid pair. By check/raising, I'm turning my cards face-up to an observant opp... so they know that I have a 4 or 55.

              John (JWK24)

              6 Time Bracelet Winner



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