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KQ SB vs Bu - 5NL 6-max

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  • KQ SB vs Bu - 5NL 6-max

    Im not sure if i like my fold on the river, normally when i see player check back this turn and do stuff like this on the river they have the nuts. I didn't want to lead the river in case he would try and move me off a low pair on the river and seen as his an unknown i see players call with Tx after slow playing the turn if i lead and i think i can get Tx to call a small raise on the river but he then puts me all in so do i have to call here in case he slow played 87 and Tx and still ships the river?

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    *More descriptive title added* - Fadyen

    This is a bit of a tricky spot as his range from the button is so wide and easily includes a lot of Tx that could make boats or some that don't make boats and hands like 87 or even KQ, plus all the other hands we crush on the river. But when he checks the turn and gives up the initiative he's either slow playing a Tx or 87 type hand or he has nothing much. If that's the case I think we can bet/call the river as I don't see him bluffing the air in his range on such a wet board anyway so we're not losing any value. However as played I think your check/raise line looks more bluffy and kind of induces shoves from a lot of hands in his range, not just the super strong ones so I'd make a "sigh call". But as I say I prefer to lead river myself.

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      Yh makes sense that he wouldn't bet air on the riverumbup:



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