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2NL - Raised on the turn by 'maniac'

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  • 2NL - Raised on the turn by 'maniac'

    I'm on the button and raise K9o. Villain defends in the SB. Flop comes 6s 6c 4s. I continuation bet half pot and villain defends. Turn comes Ks, putting a 3 card flush on the board, and giving me top pair medium kicker. I bet 3/4 pot, and the villain 3x raises me. I folded. The villain is very very loose, playing 50/15. As far as I notice he hasn't raised on the turn before, but he does seem to get more aggressive as hands go on: flop 18% aggro, turn 43%, river 100%. What would you do? Then a few hands later... Similar hand except the 3 card flush comes on the flop and I hit top pair medium kicker. He calls my c-bet (bigger this time). What would you do on the turn knowing he raised our turn bet last time?
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    First remark : It does depends on what your image is on the table. Are you loose or tight, aggro or passive, nitty or calling station etc...

    second remark: hands are quite different. Hand 1, you are IP, board is dry and easy to bluff. Board doesnt seem to hit your range very well and is much better for his range. a 6 is in his range, 44 is, k6 is, k4 is, any two spades, even 35s and 57s are prob in het range...
    hand 2: you are OOP, board has an ace, and is very coordinated. cold bluffing is dangerous. Board suits your range much better than his range.

    that said, if you are not too loose and a fair bit of aggro, I think you played both hands fine.
    A maniac pre doesnt automatically mean they are maniac postflop as well. They prob cbet a lot but when turn and especially river comes, they will often have a good hand if they still bet/raise.

    So I do think his raise in the 1st hand is legit and he had you beat.
    In the second hand, you cbet flop OOP and bet turn on a scary board, that shows strength. He is not gonna bluff you now. I like the bet OTT. question is: what would you do if he raises you again?
    That is what you should ask yourself before making the bet...


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      My image is tight aggressive for anyone who is paying attention but I'm not sure this villain is. If he had raised me again I would probably have thrown up on my monitor and folded, with the intention of calling him down if he did it a third time.
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