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KQ Suited in Middle Position - 10NL Cash Game Hand - Any Advice?

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  • KQ Suited in Middle Position - 10NL Cash Game Hand - Any Advice?

    can someone tell me where I did wrong? I thought he may have KQ,KJ ,I didnt think he ha had KK or KA or flush.Of course he may had set. After playing,I think I shouldnt bet on turn and river.

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    First, you should put 10NL hands into the "advanced" forum, you will get "real profesionals" to look at it.

    Pre is fine. OTF your cbet is kinda big (almost pot). I would make it smaller. Then OTT you bet very small (less 50%pot). I would make it about the same size as OTF. I don't mind the fact you are betting.

    OTR I would rather go for a check and see what happens. Getting 3 streets of value with TP good kicker is very rare. If he bets real small you could call but I think we are beat almost always if he bets the river.

    As played, the raise OTR should be enough to make you fold. He always beats you, eighter with a flush, AK, KK, 2 pair etc.

    BTW he played his hand really passive, make a note.

    just my opinion, 10NL isnt a stake I should be commenting upon.


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      I don't know too much about ranges on full ring tables, but KQs seems like an OK hand to open with.
      When the button calls I wouldn't put him on KK, but he can have a lot of lower pairs, suited connecters like 56, 67, 78, 910, J10 etc and maybe some suited aces. After you fire a pot sized bet on the flop and you get a call, and the turn completes the flush draw and some of the street draws, KQ just doesn't look as good anymore.

      I would probably not barrel again on the turn or the river. Maybe call a turn bet, but definitely folding a river bet.
      It does of course also come down to what kind of opponent you are playing, how loose he is, what his fold to cbet % is etc.


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        Hi, I am a 5nl player, yet to see if I am profitable there, so take what I say with a pinch of salt, but I hope that it gets you thinking about things. KQs definitely good to open in this seat. Once called I will put him on pocket pairs, suited connectors, high broadway type cards. Definitely cbet the flop, as worse can call, underpairs may peel one, suited connectors for the straight and the flush will call. On the turn is tricky for me, I think that I would go with a x/c as you could induce a worse hand to bet here. You could bet on the turn, and villain could think that you have the flush and so fold out all his worse hands and continue with better hands. If you bet the turn and you are called, for me it will be a x/f on the river for sure and if x/c the turn, because his indicating that he is not scared on the flush being present and so could have. Obviously, if you have a read that he is crazy with an underpair i.e. can't fold his weak hands, then yes continue betting. Now though you have a read on this guy, if he has a set he could more than likely pay you off when you have the flush or the straight, and that it is possible for him to slow play KK (so put that in his range if you ever play against him again; however, if the board pairs when you have a flush, play more cautiously, because that now could indicate that he has a full house that now beats your flush, etc. I hope that helps, Matt umbup:umbup:


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          Thank you all fou your comments,they are advisable.Also I want to thank who correct the tittle of thread,its much better then which I wrote.


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            Nice analysis by Pullin.

            I would check-call turn and river. You only have a bluff-catcher. If you fire three barrels and get raised on the river, then snap-fold. You're literally never winning, as villain would never bluff-raise against the line you took on this board.
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