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10NL zoom shot - Villain is playing 4 tables, good/volume - sick bluff call

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  • 10NL zoom shot - Villain is playing 4 tables, good/volume - sick bluff call

    Taking a Hold'em 10NL shot and short stack after PLO is messing with my head.

    I put this out as a bad call. Though my read, a "Yellow" label on the villain is a generic loose play - when and what game? I don't know.

    Check lobby and 4 x 10NL zoom tables. You know as much as me now.

    We raise ATo 2 callers sigh. Flop 79J gut shot 8 no suit. Check, small ball then villain leads Ace turn... We hit what to do? Then the Jack river...

    So at level 1, we know what you know, what we know? It's a good turn barrel card. Then continues on the river.

    Do we make a bad call? Or can you help me fill in the gaps. No hud just a loose label and x tables.

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    Hi ForrestFive,

    With a gutshot, backdoor straigh, but no backdoor flush vs two opponents I'm in the middle between cbetting this hand and checking this hand actually. I think with AcTc it would have been an easier cbet for me, but if we check are we giving up or planning to call a bet? It might probably play easier with a cbet imo. Turn is an easy call. The river makes it less likely they hold a Jack also after they bet the turn so now we are looking at Ax and we both have two pair but we have to see who's got the better kicker. I expect AK to squeeze preflop, maybe sometime AQ and AQs to call. the 9 and 7 are on board too so A9/A7 is less likely, not that it matters. Then they've also got the option to hold 99/77 ofcourse but they might also be playing worse Ax or something random maybe. We only need to win 30% of the time to justify a river call here.


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      Thanks geoVARTA, That filled in something I'd missed to make this a better calling spot on the river. As the J had paired the board making it unlikely the villain has a J. Also the Ace kicker moves to Q+ and then we are looking at 3bet squeeze ranges. umbup:



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