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5nl 6max zoom facing limpers

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  • 5nl 6max zoom facing limpers

    How would you advise me on this particular hand? I have short possibly LP plr limping and the SB who goes along. Holding AQo, I raise the limpers to 4bb with the intention to get them to fold and finish there, but the hand continues.
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    hi mr mendes!


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      Hi Sam Do you love limpers as much as I do? ;D
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        The same thing seems to happen to me - the limpers seem to like to call when i wouldn't mind a fold, and fold when id really like a call Maybe someone'll stop by and share with us the secret to getting the opposite result, but probably everybody'll say your hand was really well-played


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          Why on earth would you not cbet this board vs two random limpers? You got most likely the best hand vs their ranges, unless they have specifically 55, because you block other sets obv+there are draws to protect against so betting = mandatory, imo.
          Anyway once you, what is it called, check-3bet this board, basically only hands that beat you will call this raise, OR SOMETIMES hands with decent equity, like KT, KJ, Kx spades, TJ, Tx spades, that have straight and flush potential, but with this action i really doubt that. As played, i would just flat flop, but given that turn can bring a lot of cards that we do not like i would just cbet-get it in as villains in 5NL will stack with some spade draws and Qx or Ax there.


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            Exactly what crazyJohnnie says, OMG why didn't you cbet the flop?? You are the aggressor and flop a great hand against 2 limpers. Bet! limpers will call with Ax, KJ, QJ etc all the hands that feed you. They even call with complete air sometimes. If you get raised, happy shoving.
            If you get a raise and a 3bet than it's time to re-evaluate.

            Your check-3bet is super super strong so prob no one will continue unless they have you beat. You are washing out all the hands that give you value.


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              Good points about cbetting, CrazYJohnnie and rkleefstra thanks for sharing your opinion.
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