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50NL, ZOOM, B, B, XCall Line?

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  • 50NL, ZOOM, B, B, XCall Line?

    I think we can take two lines here vs. this type of player... if we take a B, B, B line we could get looked up by AT, AJ... but I think taking a B, B, XC bluff catch line is better vs this type of player? Villains RIVER bet is very large which makes me more inclined to call this river bet... Only thing that comes in is BDF which he shouldn't have imo.. 3 tabling from Austria Villain(103): 26/17/2.3 Tot 3B: 5.7 Autorate: Loose Aggressive

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    Do we know how he plays against UTG opens and what his 3bet is against those?

    If it were me in his position, AK is still part of my range, as is KK, but my 3bet is much lower (Sadly) than his but his range against a UTG open might still leave those in his range. I'm just trying to think how wide he can be here.

    I like your line personally, against a bet, unless its a big bet, he probably estimates he has fold equity against us, yes we leave value on the table when he checks behind with a hand that can call a bet sometimes but you also open him up to try a bluff that allows us to showdown.


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      Hi dirt,

      It does seem unlike he has a back door flush since we hold that ace.

      Given the villain profile I think between the two lines you have stated, B/B/XC probably performs better than B/B/B. I doubt our hand is going to get 3 streets of value if we are aggressing all 3 of them.

      Another thing I always like to consider vs. aggressive opponents who have position on me is passive lines, to induce them, if they are prone to over-aggressive type mistakes. For example, this is a type of spot I will sometimes XC instead of c-bet and barrel. Obviously this is player specific, but against LAGs it often nets a nice value. It makes our hand look like QQ/KK and invites them to apply the pressures to us. You'd be surprised how many times I get 2 or 3-balled by 55 or JdTd in a spot like this simply because they can't help themselves, gaining value from hands that wouldn't give the same if I were continuing with an aggressive posture. I also tend to pick up good value from AT type hands anyway as they think they are value betting my apparent KK. And, when the hand gets shown down, if they take note of it then it serves to protect my check/calling range in future spots where I may not welcome the pressure as much as I do here.

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