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25NL: Did I Overplay My Hand?

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  • 25NL: Did I Overplay My Hand?

    Opponent is 32/12. I 3bet pre as I felt he could call with worse given his general stats and he has 40% ep raise (only 5 sample). On flop I'm happy to cbet as I think he can call with a lot of worse cards e.g. some 1 spade hands, lower pp. Happy to double barrel when board pairs as it's less likely he has a King & if non-spade river then willing to play for stacks.

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    Not a good flop to lose all your stack. C-bet is fine, turn bet is marginal and river I would like a check/fold option or check/call( depends on your reads of opponent) because if he miss flush we give him a chance to bluff us, I don't thin that in today game there would be a lot of people calling you tree streets without a king here( at least ), as played you can definitely have AK but OFC vilan is not thinking about this.
    But don't listen to me I am a fish still learning a game, it is just my opinion.


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      Don't know what the gap between 32/12 signifies? Maybe PFR 12 is on the stronger utg open? Then we do some hand ranging?

      That's 3 questions no answers. Ok is there a Kx in a utg open range, calling a 3bet playing in position? More questions.

      Flop 3 flush and a K. At some point we are not good.

      Edit: Missed the empty seat actually KJo maybe in a tight players range 6-max and quite stubborn great turn - river no spade. Probably that's what the VPIP 32 means a bit of a station?

      Another edit: Actually KJo calling a 3bet sort of mid / high jack position is looking loose for me but I don't play 25NL
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        I hate this spot, if you dont barrel turn your left guessing if he calls flop with stuff like JJ and then bets for protection and he can be betting draws so then you would have to decide on the turn if you want to risk the rest of your stack on a brick river.


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          Hi carl,

          It might be helpful to take a macro view of this hand. If I said a player c-bet 2nd pair, and proceeded to barrel off with it for stacks 77bb deep, how would you classify that player? What kind of note might you make on them? Would you say they made a bad poker play?

          I would say in many cases it's probably not good. In order for this to be ok I would think the player needs strong reason to believe the villain will call off their stack with worse hands, or fold better somewhere along the way.

          Applying these thoughts to your actual hand, there is no way this villain is folding better holdings. Will they call off their stack with worse? Maybe. They seem loose/passive, perhaps they can't resist the naked ace of the flush suit. But, you have given them a bad price with you large sizings, so that will discourage them at least some of the time on the turn. They will not call off the river with a bricked out ace high, even though they only have a nominal amount left relative to the size of the pot. There really aren't many other spade draws that don't include a K, I doubt he's calling flop and turn with the naked Qs or Js or worse.

          Over all, I do feel like you overplayed your hand. Since the villain stats indicate generally loose/passive preflop (and you didn't provide post flop stats) I will go with that general read and check this turn card to him. LP players will tend to bet their trip K's big, and check behind us with worse. Since they don't bluff, we can get a pretty good idea how we are doing in this hand based on his turn action after we check. If he checks behind us, then we can bet blank rivers for value and expect to get paid by pocket pairs that peeled the flop, and maybe some ace highs that are curious with a modest sizing.

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            Thanks guys for your comments.

            I definitely overplayed the hand & should have checked the turn.

            I don't see him folding any better of course!

            Good point about the fact opponent is LP & not inclined to bluff so turn check will give us some good information.



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