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Was I right to fold?

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  • Was I right to fold?

    I don't know whether I should have folded or not? Was hoping for a second opinion.

    and also

    Any help would be appreciated..


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    I hardly ever play full ring, but I don't mind to give you some feedback. I hope it helps.


    With a AQs on the button I would def. 3bet for value. This will flush out some pocketpairs (like sixes) and probably some KJ/KQ/A10/AJ sort of hands. When you hit top two pair on the flop and the opener raises less than half pot, I would def. re-raise him for extra value. At the micro's I would be happy to get it in on this flop straight away, especially since you didn't 3bet and there are still so many hands/draws your OP can have.

    The 6 on the turn doesn't really change a lot, the re-raiser could have a lot of 2 pair hands (A10/A6) that you have beat and straight and flush draws. The only real hands that have you beat are KJ and/or sixes / tens (which I don't expect him to play like this).

    Hand #2:

    I would make the bet a little bigger because of the limper before you, so 8 or 10 cents instead of 6.
    The cbet is ok, it's a board that will miss most people. But after such a big reraise on the turn, it seems like the OP has the nuts, would def. fold there.


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      Watching the hands before lovehouse responded I would say pretty much the same thing. On the first hand I think you should be 3-betting pre-flop to try and get it heads up and get some value from weaker aces. Once the two-pair comes on the flop I think you should again be raising for value. Maybe the raise is from a set but I'd be taking that chance there. Definitely play this one aggressively. Second one I think you played ok, and the c-bet looks fine, but once the re-raise comes in I'm folding as there is nothing you are beating.
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        This advice is actually really helpful.
        Many thanks..



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