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2nl Cash Game. Dealing with Big Bets - Any Advice?

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  • 2nl Cash Game. Dealing with Big Bets - Any Advice?

    ok when people start making big bets what the hell are you suppose to do? example almost always at times some1 would make a 10 cent bet on a 1/2 cent cash game during the preflop and then usually they would make big bets after the flop and your almost in a all in mode with them? and it would last for like 20 mins with the whole table doing the same i have no idea how to confidential control this unless i go into ultra conservative mode and wait for high pairs and just go all in on them or hook them into an all-in and that at times doesnt even work

    i also see this happening on higher amounts cash games too

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    It depends what you mean by "big" bets. A standard size for a bet is between half pot and the size of the pot. Anything less is usually too small and doesn't serve its purpose (not big enough to get folds when you're bluffing, and not big enough to get maximum value when you have a monster). A bet larger than the size of the pot (an "overbet") can be the right move, especially on the river, but it often results in more folds, which is no good if you have the nuts and want to get called.

    Try not to think in terms of dollars and cents. View the bets in terms of the size of the pot and the stacks remaining behind. If the pot was 80c, and stacks behind were $1.50, then a bet of 60c would be standard, since it allows a shove on the next street. If the pot was bigger, then going all in is normal. If someone's making larger than pot-sized bets, then stay out of the way (unless you have the nuts) until you see a showdown. If they're overbetting with junk, then you know you can call with weaker hands. Generaly speaking though, you should treat pot-sized bets (and overbets) as strong, so should fold and wait for a better spot.
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      so the norm at the table to be 10 cents in preflop bet is not a high bet?

      10 cents per player


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        The standard is close to a "pot-sized" raise. If there haven't been any limpers, then a pot-sized raise is to 3.5bb, which is 7c at 2NL, but most players will go with 6c (3bb). If there's a limper, then making it 8c or 10c is better, since it deprives other players a good price to see the flop. Some players open raise for 8c or 10c, but I think this is excessive, as I usually want to get called when I have a big hand. I also like to keep my raise sizes (as a percentage of the pot) consistent to disguise the strength of my hand. If someone is repeatedly opening for 5bb or more, they are probably clueless, but take notes on what they show down. It's very useful to have notes that tell you exactly what a particular player's bet sizes mean.
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          thats what bothers me they would consistently make big preflop bets and more during the flop usually and if you call them preflop you should prepare to go to the river with them if you have something even if they make a big bet. I feel like im gambling with them all the time i really dont like it because you dont have an idea what your doing you can just keep folding but your stack would get eaten up


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            Well poker is a form of gambling. The bets you make (or call) are the price of the wager. There's a risk and a potential reward. When the pot is big, the prize is bigger, so it makes sense to bet "big", in order to drive out the opposition. If someone's overbetting into a small pot, then it's usually not worth giving action. e.g. If the pot is only 10c, then it's not worth betting 40c to try and win it, since it's too much risk (4 times pot) to win one times pot. If the pot is $1, then betting 80c is worth it, because you're only betting 80% of the pot.
            Poker demands a lot of patience. It's OK to let bullies win a lot of (small) pots. The important thing is to pick your spot carefully and win the occasional BIG pot. While you're a beginner, it's actually fine to just wait around for the nuts, and to avoid all marginal situations. Only play big pots with big hands, by which I mean top pair, top kicker at least.
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