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SNG 0.5$ bad play or bad beat?

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  • SNG 0.5$ bad play or bad beat?

    Hello. Being beaten twice in same situations, it is correct to ask is that correct play or I do something wrong?

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    in the first situation u should have go all in pre flop since the first raise is more than 1/3 of your stack.
    in the second many would tell k- j is not good enough to call a rasie, if u did decided to call the raise u should proceed with caution specially when there is a pair on the board' u should have checked the turn u do not want to put all ypur chips in the middle unless u sure u r ahead


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        Hi De1Eva! dduvshani's correct. The first hand is an open-shove. Anytime I have to put over 1/3 of my chips into the pot in a tournament, I'm pot-committed and cannot fold later in the hand. When this is the case, I need to shove. In the second one, while KJs is strong enough to open-raise with from this position, it's not strong enough to call a raise with... so it needs to be mucked preflop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          Hi John and dduvshani!
          Thanks a lot for your replies!
          I absolutely agree about first hand. It's mistake obviously.

          About second one, it was fairly pity to muck that hand preflop in 0.5$ sng when one often play loose.
          So, if I called and flopped J99 (I recognize a mistake ) and it's top pair with a good kicker do I have to fold on any bet?


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            I agree with dduv and JWK about pre-flop. As played, you got unlucky post-flop, as you were a big favourite when all the money went in.
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              Your stack is good enough to fold the first hand,unless its suited KQ it is a shove.With the second hand with 3.5 raise its fold again unless the raise is smaler its a good one to call big stacked.When the mistake is do ne already You dont have too much flops that can make You continue play this hand.Too much draws ,even the king doesnt make that strong matter the hands You see Your opponents hold at showdown this is definetely a bad play.



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