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Am I Too Passive? - 2NL Cash Game Hand

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  • Am I Too Passive? - 2NL Cash Game Hand

    his bet is quite large, do you think i should raise his bet?

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    Hi amature3921 Pre flop on the button we can raise the limper on our right with KTs. This helps to exclude the blinds from getting in cheaply to see a flop multi way. Lucky to fade any potential raiser yet to act. On the flop the limper makes a big bet. At this point raising now is an option - we lose to AK KQ KJ. On the turn 5 there is a possibility the villain limp 55 and pots a KKQ flop, this is as unlikely as they have KQ or even AK. We block a K. On the river 3? So it's nearly impossible they limp 33 pre? Now ok you did play passively pre and called do you see a shove now? Pot is $1.12 and they have to call it? We are not bluffing. Yes we are beat some of the time. How many combinations of hands beat us?umbup: And as always can someone HA correct my 2 cents opinion - ok it looks like they have it!


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      I actually don't mind the flatcall. This is a hand that I would be happy to play multiway with and less happy to play HU with so if the blinds come along, fine. You are looking for a magical flop anyway not smt like Kxx when you could be easily dominated.

      You flop great and he cbet. Slowplaying is (almost) never good so I would raise here. Your hand needs protection against draws that are quite likely, flushdraw, broadwaydraw...
      Yes he will fold a lot of his hands but not the hands that can give you value.

      If you raised flop, and he bets again on OTT I would call and prob just call river as well if its a blank.

      As played, I would shove the river. His bet OTR is just 50% pot which make me believe he doesnt have a very strong holding, He sees you call flop and call turn. If he has a big hand, don't you think he would think you have smt good and try to get maxvalue by betting bigger?


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        I wouldn't get into a habit of flat calling though, because you will encounter (especially as you move up the stakes) villains (Mostly regs) raising over the top. Allowing villains to seize the initiative in or out of position wouldn't be a good idea.





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