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5NL or lower - Could be a pain to be bluffed on the river - oh it didn't happen

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  • 5NL or lower - Could be a pain to be bluffed on the river - oh it didn't happen

    Donati 2c/5c we have co QQ called by the btn. Keeping the lead firing two barrels and I can't fire the third on the river.

    Now checking oop basically showing weakness. Do we call a river bet, or should we bet fold? What size to bet fold?

    Our third barrel bet is a protection bet, not for information and only a worse hand will call? It's not a bluff.

    My understanding recently is that the bigger bet 55%-65% pot or more looks like a protection bet and a smaller bet for value?

    Unwind, I didn't bet so now facing a bet... I need help, still a chrome star 1 week to get silver.

    I'd prefer a HA person to say a number of chips we can river bet, or if we check what bet can we call.

    I think I'm funny, not all agree, but seriously now.

    My annoyance here is that I gave up and put myself in a bad spot to be bluffed.

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    I like the way you played this hand.
    OTR is tough.
    There is no hand that we get value from if we bet. All worst hands will fold so thats no reason to bet.
    Could we get hands to fold that beat us? No, not really. Maybe some Ax but thats about it. 2Pairs are not gonna fold.
    You cant bet for protection on the river...there is nothing to protect against. Eighter he has it or he doesnt. In this situation, as there is not value to get, every riverbet is basically a bluff.

    So I don't see any reason to bet OTR and we do have showdownvalue. I would check river and call a small bet (around 40cent max) but mostly fold .

    Small bets are for thin value imo. If we had a str8 I would valuebet round 60%.



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