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5nl Zoom - JJ

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  • 5nl Zoom - JJ

    Hi guys, Please could you analyse my hand below. Losing at a rate of around 10bb/100 non showdown. Stats on villain 18/16/1.3 40 hand sample Cheers, Matt umbup:

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    Any reason why you did not bet the river? An ace would fit perfectly into your range imo.

    If he raises things get ugly but I would have bet small again OTR


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      I didn't bet the river, because I was being results orientated on a previous hand where I bet the river when the Ace arrived (I had QQ) and villain called and showed Kings.

      Just not sure what to do in these situations - maybe check/call

      Sucks being OOP!




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        Consider this:
        If you check the river, they see it as a weakness after that scarecard arrives, and they pretty much always bomb the river ( bluffs and valuebets) making check-calling an expensive habbit bc they WILL have an ace or better, pretty often. It's often cheaper to bet small. If they have some value they call and you could win the pot, if they have you beat with a small A, or two pairs or smt that barely beats you, they will probably call (and not raise).
        If they have the goods, they will raise.

        and yes, OOP sucks


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          Are there any general scenarios where we should x/c OOP.

          I just don't want to bet to much and spew chips when I am getting called down by better.



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            ok, so since we determined that no one from the pros will analyse hands in this section, i'll give you my opinion.

            with AF of 1.3 this villain looks passive and when he bets river I would expect Ax hands a lot of time, so c/fold is maybe a good way to save some $. I don't think he will bluff you there without at least an ace. Yes, you show weakness by checking the river, but Tx with AF od 1.3 I think would check it back.


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              I think you played the hand well. I would probably have bet 60% pot on the river. If I got re-raised it's an easy fold and he might call with worse. Based on the villains stats he seems like a solid player. If he had a premium hand though like AA, KK, QQ and AK why would he only call you preflop? Surely he would 3-bet to get you heads-up to the flop if he had that holding? Your bet-sizing on the flop and turn is good and but again he's only calling and showing no initiative making him hard to range. He might have you crushed with pocket 10's or you might be ahead. I still think you should have repped an Ace on the river, it might have been the one card he didn't want to see but you lost the initative by checking. Raiser umbup:


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                Cheers guys


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                  Two people for betting the river, anyone else think this is a bet? I normally x/f as i dont expect to get bluffed here and i think Tx checks back, we don't have much Ax on the river anyway and i dont see a better hand that plays this way that we can fold out by betting the river.

                  Unless he flatted QQ pre and just believes we have him beat, the only good thing i can see about betting small is if he does call turn with draws he cant bluff us on the river unless he wants to raise or if he calls with Tx.
                  Last edited by mike2198; Thu Jul 24, 2014, 09:18 PM.



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