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5nl Zoom - AJs

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  • 5nl Zoom - AJs

    Hi guys, Please could you analyse my hand below. Where are all the hand analysers at?? Cheers, Matt umbup:

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    WP !

    hand analysers doesn't seem to find this forum very interesting. They only do the 10NL+ forum so it seems


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      I think you did the best here, i doubt it would be very good to call that bet with only one pair, just fold and wait for better spot. He limps, so i would put him on maybe small pocket pair or some suited connectors, your PF bet is good, he call IP ofc, you lead OTF, good again, turn also and he shoves.. i say let him have it with his or whatever and wait for a hand when you will have in this same spot and it will come and then you will take his $. Of course keep in mind that this is only what I think is best, it may be far from optimal or good play.


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        Cheers guys


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          I think I would check the flop, and probably make a raise (or call) once he / she bets. If a villain re-raises or calls, I'm going to slow right down / give up. I think you played the hand ok, though.
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            In a single-raised pot, I'd check call and bluff-catch at least two streets when OOP, but since this is 3-bet, I think c-betting is fine, with the aim of picking up the dead money, instead of letting villain hit a flush for free with something like QQ-TT. As played, easy bet-fold to the massive raise on the turn. Villain is never doing this with AT or any other hand you beat, unless he's insane.
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