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50NL ZOOM, KQo IP turn play

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  • 50NL ZOOM, KQo IP turn play

    OMG... 50NL is full of "strange" players. Question, without being results oriented. (You'll see what this guy does OTR...) I get myself into these types of spots quite a bit. I don't know what the optimal line to take here is. Do we shove over his XR? Do we just call as played and call on almost all rivers? Does our decision change whether we are IP or OOP? (155 hands): 28/26/3.4

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    Hi dirt,

    I like calling the turn x/r. We are calling 10 more with 24 in the pot and 36 behind so implied odds we have are 6-1... which is important because in villains eyes (if he considers odds) we can be bet/calling turn with a draw and there are a number of draws out there we could take this action with. So by calling with our actual hand strength we protect our turn bet/calling range (which will be draw heavy) and allow him to follow through with bluffs and thin value bets otr. And if he's x/r a hand like AA to punish floats and draws, it is probably planning to fold to a turn shove quite often, and he may well check/call blank rivers to bluff catch our busted draws allowing us to get more value in those scenarios.

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      Really see no reason to shove. All we do is give him an opportunity to fold hands worse than us. He may also desperation bluff a missed draw otr.



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