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MicroMillions Event 24 Blind vs Blind - Cooler, or Misplayed?

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  • MicroMillions Event 24 Blind vs Blind - Cooler, or Misplayed?

    MicroMillions. No reads on villain - only 6 hands, and this was the first one he played. The more I think of it, the more I think this was misplayed, but I want to make sure. This was my thought process going in: 1) Blind vs blind makes for wider ranges, so even against someone I have no reads on, even a rag Ace like I had is a favourite. 2) His overshove screamed to me that he had an ace, and I did NOT make the call immediately - I went into my timebank. The reason I eventually called was a) his overshove felt to me like he was trying to force a fold, making me think his ace was either weak or he was actually semi-bluffing with a draw (which I had a blocker to), b) most stronger aces probably should have 3-bet me in this spot. However, I'm even thinking this might be faulty, because A3 or A4 might play it this way as well, which I didn't consider at the time. He didn't have that good, but was AT something I could have reasonably expected him to flat-call preflop? And how big of an error was my call?
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    Hi Christxof! With A7 in the SB, I totally 100% agree with your first comment, that this is way ahead of the opp's range, so I'm absolutely making a standard raise with it. When I flop an ace, I'm absolutely going to make a standard c-bet here. Now, the opp shoves. Well, the first thing is that whether they shove or raise is basically irrelevant, as a standard raise pot-commits me... so while this may look like an over-shove, it's really not. While I think that Ax from the opp can easily be played this way, so could other hands that I'm ahead of: 55-99 (maybe even TT), , 56. Not sure why you said that you had a blocker to a draw, as you don't have a two nor a 5? Since I could be behind (A3, A4, A8-AQ could flat pre, but AK should normally 3-bet) or I could be ahead (hands above) and since I'm short and need chips..... I'm calling! Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) P.S. I've played every ace this way (minus AA). I'll raise some and I'll flat some, in order to balance my range.

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      Thanks JWK. I suppose it wasn't as big an error as I thought.

      And my saying I had a blocker to a draw was a combination of originally misremembering the flop (I thought it was A54 at first), and also that it DID block one of their outs if they had 56, although I guess that's not much of a blocker.
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