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How could i of got more value?

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  • How could i of got more value?

    I have thought of this in a few different ways. please take a look and decide if i should of a) Reraised the raiser preflop risking them possibly folding b) Just called there raise and gained value on later streets C) called there after flop raise instead of reraising and play it slow but risk them drawing a better hand D)or any other way My thinkin was he didnt have a set with a small raise like that, he may have had a pair of queens or AQ. A pair of queens would be dangerous if the turn or river landed a Q so i think i played it correctly and protected my hand. My problem is i keep thinkin i scared him off and lost value from streets ahead. Any thoughts?
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    I think you posted the wrong hand. (correct hand now)

    Ok its hard at 2nl to make absolute statements. You played the hand as I would have done and I think in 90% of cases If the player had a pair or a draw you would get paid.

    the thing here is to know your Villain, how was he or she playing? Tight Loose passive aggressive , this will help give a range of hands he or she will play, Next notes are vital, does he or she play pairs aggressively does he or she like to semi bluff, will he or she only play strong made hands.

    Different people will tell you different things but at 2nl there is no need to get fancy. Play solid hands and don't worry about bluffs. As you build up a bank roll now is the time to put those notes to good use and steal more blinds against tighter players or to play speculative hands against tight passive players but for for now play solid bet your strang made hands and don't be afraid to hit fold against very aggressive plays.

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