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Why Did My Bluff Not Work? - 180 Man - Tournament Hand

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  • Why Did My Bluff Not Work? - 180 Man - Tournament Hand

    what to improve? should i just give up?

    Last edited by amature3921; Sat Jul 19, 2014, 05:42 PM.

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    by just flat calling pre flop and then checking the flop you showed no real strentgh so our bluff story was weak to start with .If you had AK or KQ or sim you proberly would have bet that flop ,and very likely to have raised preflop.In the future try and bluff with better equity 56o isnt great.And think about how your play is being viewed by the villian.I also prefer to bluff from position not oop.
    good luck


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      There are several reasons a bluff may not work.

      What type of villain is he?

      Does your story seem plausible?

      Is the villain listening to the story or are they distracted by passing squirrels?

      Replay the hand but give yourself AK how would you play it at each stage? If the answer if the answer is exactly the same then you can say this guy is a good value candidate but if not it just looks fishy to him (with the second K coming off it looks less likely you really have a K)

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        I agree with both. When you do want to bluff, your bets throughout the entire hand has to tell a very consistent story. By not raising preflop, having a big pair doesn't make sense. By not betting the flop, you also shouldn't have anything that hit the board. Even IF the opp has a fold button (unknown), when the second king hits on the river, the odds of you actually having one goes down considerably, so it's much less believable that you have a weak king (can't have a strong one or you'd have raised preflop). In many cases, when opps have a big pair or hit a pair on the board, they will not fold. The key in these situations is to not bluff and to only value bet the opp with made hands. The lower the buy-in, the less you want to bluff... because the opps won't fold. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          If we flatted AK pre why would you want to donk the flop?



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