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Pocket Aces in late position - what i did wrong ?

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  • Pocket Aces in late position - what i did wrong ?

    So I lost my full bankroll again; and this time there was no tilt and no nothing. This is the last hand I played. Now tell me please what the hell should I do to keep my bankroll far from this kind of hands? I just can`t understand anymore anything.

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    im no cash game player but limping 3x with AA pre is not the way to start surely , it gives anyone behind the odds to call, but dont see him folding tp2ndk and he gets lucky rr hrt, so besides pre you just got unlucky.
    these are beats that happen and are part of poker.
    ive been on a 3mnth downer, and i know some of it is variance but also know some is bad play by me trying to chase lost money.
    have a break,check your hand histories and see if you are making mistakes(limp calling with AA) come back when your in a different frame of mind other than " why are these hands always getting beat" a break really does help.


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      You should have 3bet pre but that wouldn't have made a difference as he will call that too.

      It's just a bad beat, nothing to do about it


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        imho you should have reraised pre to at least 24. And if you got raised again push all in pre flop. Probably he would have called that anyway.
        Going all in after the flop wasn't a great move in my opinion. But maybe I see it wrong because I am just learning the game and far from being an expert.


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          As others have said, definitely three bet the first villain. In the long run that will make it a profitable play, and yes, aces will win you the most money.



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